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to questions of amount, and the decision of the justices at such sessions is subject to appeal to quarter sessions.

In either case special notices have to be given and the grounds of appeal specified; which cannot safely be done without legal assistance.

The appeal may be made against the first or any subsequent rate made in pursuance of the valuation list; but before any appeal can be made the appellant must have given to the assessment committee notice of objection to the valuation list on which the rate is made and have failed to obtain from them the relief asked for. Such objection need not necessarily have been raised before the valuation list was settled by the assessment committee, but if it was, in fact, raised then, .there is no obligation to again give notice of objection before appealing against the rate. The appeal must be made to the next practicable sessions after the making of the rate against which it is intended to appeal. Although notice of appeal against a rate may have been given, the rate must be paid notwithstanding, and if not paid, may be recovered as in other cases. If, as the result of the appeal, a reduction of the assessment is obtained, the excess may be ordered to be repaid or allowed for.

B. In the Metropolis.

Appeals against the Valuation List.—A fresh valuation list is made every five years, calculated as follows—1890, 1895, 1900, 1905. Any alteration which takes place during the interval is entered each year on a supplemental list which is made out in the same way, and is subject to the same conditions as to appeals as in the case of the quinquennial valuation list itself. The valuation list, or supplemental list, is deposited by the overseers for public inspection before June i, and public notice of the fact is given on the church doors. Notice of objection must be given to -the assessment committee before the expiration of twenty-five days from the time the list is deposited. The list is revised by the assessment committee before October i, after having given notice of the date on which they will hear objections thereto. The list, when finally settled, comes into force on April 6 in the following year. The valuation list in the Metropolis is conclusive as to the rateable value of any premises included therein; and consequently there is no appeal against a rate upon any question as to amount. Any such appeal must be made against the valuation list before it is finally settled. Failure to appeal against the valuation list means that, in the absence of some change in the property, the assessment will stand for the next five years. From the decision of the assessment committee the appeal lies either to the special sessions held for that purpose by the justices in petty sessions—but only if it be in respect to the unfairness or incorrectness of the valuation of any premises or to the quarter sessions for the county of London. Notice of appeal to special sessions must be given on or before November 21; and if the appeal be to quarter sessions, notice must be given on or before January 14. Special notices are required to be given and other formalities complied with, which cannot here be dealt with in detail, and in respect to which professional assistance should certainly be obtained.

Notwithstanding that an appeal may be pending, the valuation list will come into force as it stands at the commencement of the year (April 6), and any rate made thereon must be paid, but will be subject to subsequent adjustment, if required.

SANITARY REQUIREMENTS, Householders' obligations with regard to

A. Within the Administrative County of London.

Regulations as to Water Supply.—Every house must be provided with a