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employers far more than her wages and keep amount to, a bad one would be a poor bargain if she gave her services for nothing.

House Steward From £60 to £100
Groom of the Chambers From £45 to £55
Valet From £35 to £50
Cook From £100
Head Gardener (not in the house) From £70 to £120
Under Gardener From £40 to £45
Butler From £55 to £90
Under Butler From £35 to £45
Footman From £18 to £40
Under Footman From £18 to £34
Second Footman From £18 to £34
Coachman From £40 to £70
Coachman (not in the house) From £70 to £90
Groom From £25 to £35
Under Groom From £18 to £25
Page From £12 to £18
Stable Boy From £6 to £12
Servants' Hall Boy From £6 to £12
Steward's Boy From £8 to £15
Head Gamekeeper From £100 to £150
Under Gamekeeper From £50 to £70

WOMEN SERVANTS Everything found, or an allowance
for the same.
Housekeeper From £30 to £60
Lady's Maid From £25 to £40
Cook From £20 to £60
Kitchen Maid From £16 to £28
Scullery Maid From £14 to £18
Still-room Maid From £18 to £28
Head Nurse From £25 to £35
Under Nurse From £12 to £18
Head Laundry Maid From £22 to £30
Under Laundry Maid From £12 to £20
Parlour Maid From £20 to £35
Head Housemaid From £20 to £28
Under Housemaid From £14 to £18
General Servant From £12 to £28

These are the wages that prevail in or near the Metropolis. The wages of under servants vary considerably according to locality; and they are often much lower in large establishments where young servants receive a good training than in middle-class households.

Number of Servants suited to different incomes.—The following is a rough scale of servants suited to various incomes. It is, however, impossible to give any general rule in these matters. Whether in a household of moderate means such as our scales deal with, a man-servant is required, will depend upon whether the house is situated in town or country, and if the possession of horses or a