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Time.—To prepare and cook, from 35 to 40 minutes. Average Cost, 1s. to 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 3 or 4 persons. Seasonable all the year.

Note.—The forcemeat may be varied by using shrimps or oysters (see' Fish Cakes).

The Plaice (Fr. plie) is one of the commonest species of the Pleuronectidae, or flat-fishes, and is found in large quantities on the coasts of England, and the Baltic and Mediterranean seas. Its upper side is brown with red or orange spots. The plaice feeds near the bottom of the sea, and is caught by trawl nets. Although less delicate in flavour than the sole, the plaice is a favourite fish food.

581.—PLAICE, FILLETS OF, WITH WINE SAUCE. (Fr.Filets de Plie au Vin Blanc.)

Ingredients.—1 medium-sized plaice, a glass of Chablis or Sauterne wine, 6 mushrooms, 1 blade of mace, 2 ozs. of butter, 2 shallots, ¾ oz. of flour, 1 gill fish stock, the yolk of 1 egg, pepper and salt.

Method.—Take the black skin off the fish, remove the fillets, trim these as neatly as possible, and cut each into 2 or 3 fillets of an even size. Place these in a buttered sauté-pan, season with pepper and salt, moisten with the wine and about a tablespoonful of mushroom liquor; add also the blade of mace, and the shallots, peeled and cut in two. Cover the fillets with a piece of buttered paper, and cook in a moderately heated oven for about 15 minutes, or less, according to the thickness of the fish. In the meantime, prepare a white roux or, thickening, with the remaining butter and the flour, moisten with a gill of fish stock, a little hot milk, and the liquor from the fillets, stir the roux until it boils, and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Cut the mushrooms into slices. Season and strain the sauce, add the yolk of the egg, heat up long enough to bind the ingredients together, then add the mushrooms. Dish up the fish, pour the sauce over the fillets, garnish and serve.

Time.—About ½ an hour. Average Cost, 1s. 6d. to 1s. 9d. Sufficient for 4 or 5 persons. Seasonable all the year round.

582.—PLAICE, FRIED. (Fr.Plie Frite.)

Ingredients.—1 medium-sized plaice, egg, breadcrumbs, frying-fat, flour, salt and pepper, parsley.

Method.—Wash, dry, and fillet the fish, and cut it into pieces convenient for serving. Season a good tablespoonful of flour rather highly with salt and pepper, and in it dip each piece of fish, then brush over with egg, cover with breadcrumbs, and fry in hot fat until nicely browned. Garnish with fried parsley, and serve with anchovy, shrimp, or melted butter sauce.

Time.—To prepare and cook, about ½ an hour. Average Cost, 1s. 3d. to 1s. 6d. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons. Seasonable all the year round.