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It is customary at many houses during summer to give tennis or croquet teas. The meal is very informal, and often served out of doors. Iced tea, coffee, claret-cup, etc., are served, with sandwiches, pastry, cakes and other light viands. The tables are set under shady trees, and a couple of servants or members of the family are in attendance at them, the visitors themselves going to the table for what they may want. The following is a form for wedding invitations:—

Mr. and Mrs. A—— request the pleasure of Mr.
and Mrs. B——'s company on the occasion of
the marriage of their daughter Alice with
Frederick S.——

Ceremony on Wednesday, 14 June, at ——
Church, at —— o'clock, and afterwards at ——.


The morning calls having been paid or received, and their etiquette properly attended to, the next great event of the day in most establishments is "The Dinner"; and we will only make a few general remarks on this important subject here, as in future pages the whole "Art of Dining" will be thoroughly considered, with reference to its economy, comfort and enjoyment.

Invitations for Dinner.—In giving these it is usual to give from a fortnight's to three weeks' notice, and formal ones are sent on printed cards, such as the following—

request the pleasure of


company at dinner
on .... the .... at ....o'clock.
Howard House
Kensington, W.R.S.V.P.