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622.—SEA-BREAM, BAKED. (Fr.Brême de Mer rotie, au four.)

Ingredients.—1 bream, seasoning to taste of salt, pepper and cayenne, ¼ of a lb. of butter.

Method.—Well wash the bream, but do not remove the scales, and wipe away all moisture with a dry cloth. Season it inside and out with salt, pepper, and cayenne, and lay it in a baking-dish. Place the butter, in small pieces, upon the fish, and bake for rather more than 30 minutes. It will be found a great improvement to stuff the fish before baking.

Time.—Rather more than 30 minutes. Average Cost, 4d. to 6d. per lb. Seasonable in summer, but may be procured all the year round.

Note.—This fish may be broiled over a nice clear fire, and served with a good brown gravy or white sauce, or it may be stewed in wine.

The Sea-Bream (Fr. brême de mer).—A popular name given to fish of the genus Brama—the true bream, a fresh-water fish, belongs to the carp family. The sea-bream is abundant round the coast of Cornwall. It is not held in very high estimation.

Mr. Yarrell's Recipe.—"When thoroughly cleansed the fish should be wiped dry, but none of the scales should be taken off. In this state it should be broiled, turning it often, and if the skin cracks, flour it a little to keep the outer case entire. When on table, the whole skin and scales turn off without difficulty, and the muscle beneath saturated in its own natural juices which the outside covering has retained, will be of good flavour."

623.—SHAD, BAKED. (Fr.Alose roti, au four.)

Ingredients.—1 shad, 2 or 3 slices of bacon, 3 or 4 ozs. of veal forcemeat (see Forcemeats).

Method.—Wash, clean, scale, and dry the fish. Make the forcemeat as directed, put it inside the fish, and sew up the opening. Place the fish in a baking-dish or tin, lay the slices of bacon on the top of it, and bake gently from ¾ to 1 hour. Serve with a suitable fish sauce, or a tureen of good beef gravy.

Time.—About 1¼ hours, altogether. Average Cost, 2s. 3d. Sufficient for 5 or 6 persons. Seasonable from April to June.

624.—SHAD, BOILED, WITH DUTCH SAUCE. (Fr.Alose à la Hollandaise.)

Ingredients.—Shad, salt and water, Hollandaise sauce (No. 304).

Method.—Clean the fish, but do not scale it, boil in salt and water, and serve garnished with fresh parsley and cut lemon. Send a boat of the sauce to table with the fish.

Time.—From 30 to 40 minutes. Average Cost. 2s. to 2s. 6d. Sufficient for 8 persons. Seasonable from April to June.

625.—SHAD, BROILED. (Fr.Alose Grillé.)

Ingredients.—1 shad, oil, pepper and salt.