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(9) Breast.—Low in price. Sometimes roasted; better braised or stewed. Veal tendons, served as an entrée, are cut from this joint.

(10) Head.—Eaten hot or cold in a variety of ways. Calves' brains are served as an entrée.

Besides these joints, the following parts of the Calf are sold for food:—

(12) Sweetbread.—A delicacy, sold at fancy prices. Cooked in a variety of ways, generally served as an entrée. It is described as heart sweetbread and throat sweetbread, the latter being the thymus gland.

(13) Liver.—Often used for frying. As it is very lean, it is usually cooked with some of the inside fat or crow, or with bacon.

(14) Feet.—These are sold by tripe-dressers and butchers, and for jelly-making, in the place of prepared gelatine. They may also be stewed and fried. "Neats' foot" is a common article of food with the poor.

(15) Heart.—Can be bought separately, or with the pluck or fry. Liked by many persons; makes an economical dish either roast or braised, and is less indigestible than bullock's heart.

(16) Suet.—Veal suet, sold with the loin, is more delicate for all purposes than beef, and may with advantage be substituted for it in puddings, forcemeat, etc.

(17) Kidney.—This is much more delicate than, and is preferred to, beef kidney. It is sold with the loin; if sold separately an extra price is charged.

According to the calculation in the following table we find that 1s. will buy 1 lb. and 6 oz. of breast of veal at 9d. per lb., or 13 ozs. of veal cutlet at 1s. 2d. In the cheaper joint there may be expected an average of 6 ozs. of bone, leaving exactly 1 lb. of solid meat. In the cutlets there may be no bone, but there will probably be 2 ozs., leaving 10 ozs, of solid meat. The price of the cutlet is not unusual, though it is high. It is easy to see that at the price we have quoted, the breast is the more economical purchase, though it would certainly not be so were the price of both joints the same.