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The Names of the Several Joints are as follows:—


1. Sirloin.
2. Rump.
3. Aitchbone.
4. Buttock or Round.
5. Topside.
6. Silverside.
7. Thick flank.
8. Thin flank.
9. Leg.


10. Fore rib (6 ribs).
11. Middle rib (4 ribs).
12. Chuck rib (2 ribs).
13. Leg of mutton piece.
14. Brisket.
15. Clod.
16. Neck or Sticking.
17. Shin.
18. Cheek.

These joints are generally cooked in the following ways—


(1) Sirloin.—Corresponds to loin of mutton, without the chump-end. Two sirloins together correspond to saddle of mutton, and are known as a baron of beef, now very seldom seen. The sirloin is almost invariably roasted, and is considered the best joint for that purpose. Some of the kidney suet is always taken away, and some persons cook the under-cut or roll separately, instead of roasting it with the sirloin. The under-cut is better than any other part for entrées, such as grenadines, olives, fillets of beef, etc.

(2) Rump.—Broiling steaks should be cut from here, although often they are not. For stewing, steak from another part does as well, and costs several pence less. Also roasted. A first-rate joint for any purpose.

(3) Aitchbone.—Often salted and boiled.

(4) Buttock.—A large lump of solid meat without much fat. The joint is roasted in large establishments where economy is studied, but is better boiled or stewed.

(5) Topside.—The top part of buttock, cut into steaks and joints for roasting.

(6) Silverside.—The bottom part of buttock, generally salted and boiled.

(7) Thick Flank.—Coarser in fibre than some parts, but well flavoured, and generally tender. No bone and little fat, and sold at a reasonable price, so that it is one of the most economical parts to buy, whether for pies and puddings, or for a roast; also for steaks.

(8) Thin Flank.—May be used for stews, but is rather fat. Is always low-priced. Perhaps the best way to use it is to salt or pickle it and eat it cold, when it is a very economical joint.

(9) Leg.—Only purchased for soup meat, or the lean part for slow stewing.


(10) Fore Rib.—The 6 ribs nearest the sirloin are the best for any