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onion, 1 small carrot, ½ a small turnip, 1 strip of celery, 6 peppercorns, a bouquet-garni (parsley, thyme, bay-leaf), glaze, 1 croûte of fried bread, ½ a pint of good gravy or tomato sauce (see Sauces).

Method.—Blanch the sweetbreads, (see No. 765) slice the vegetables, put them into a stewpan with the bouquet and peppercorns, nearly cover them with stock, adding more when required. Wrap the sweetbreads in a buttered paper, place them on the top of the vegetables, put on the lid, and cook gently for ¾ of an hour. In the meantime cut a block (croûte) of bread to fit the dish, and not less than 2 inches in thickness. Fry in hot fat, drain well, place the sweetbreads on the top of the bread, brush them over with glaze, pour round the gravy, or tomato sauce, and serve. If preferred, the dish may be garnished with little groups of green peas, haricots verts, or a macedoine (mixed garnish) of vegetables, either placed at the four corners, or at intervals round the base of the croûte.

Time.—About ¾ of an hour, after the sweetbreads are blanched. Average Cost, 5s. to 7s. 6d. Sufficient for 6 or 7 persons.

Season and Choice of Veal.—The best veal and the largest supply it to be had from February to the end of July. It comes principally from the western counties. In purchasing veal, special attention should be given to its closeness of grain and the whiteness of the flesh, the latter being an important consideration. Veal may be bought at all seasons of the year, and of excellent quality, but except during the months when the supply is plentiful, it is higher in price.

768.—SWEETBREADS, CONTÉ STYLE. (Fr.Ris de Veau à la Conté.)

Ingredients.—2 heart sweetbreads, larding bacon, a few slices of tongue, 2 large truffles, ½ a pint of stock, glaze. For the mirepoix (a foundation preparation of vegetables, herbs, and bacon, for brown soups, sauces, or for braised meats): a sliced onion, a sliced carrot, a bouquet-garni (parsley, thyme, bay-leaf), 6 peppercorns, a few small slices of bacon, chicken or veal quenelles, ⅓ of a pint of Madere, or demi-glaze sauce (see Sauces).

Method.—Blanch and press the sweetbreads (see No. 765), lard them on the best side with strips of bacon and tongue, and stud the centre of each with short strips of truffle inserted in small holes made with the point of a knife. Line a sauté-pan with the mirepoix, nearly cover the vegetables with stock, adding more when required, lay the sweetbreads on the top, and cover with a buttered paper. Boil up, then transfer the sauté-pan to a slow oven, cook gently for 45 minutes, basting frequently during that time, and a few minutes before serving brush over with glaze. Meanwhile, shape the quenelles in small teaspoons (see No. 757), and poach them in a little stock. Cut a croûte of bread to fit the dish, and fry it brown in hot fat. Take up the sweetbreads, strain and skim the liquor, reduce by rapid boiling, then add it to the madere, or demi-glaze sauce. Dish the sweetbreads on the croûte, garnish with the quenelles, decorate with fancifully-cut slices