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add the flour, stir and cook slowly until brown, then add the stock, stir until boiling, and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Spread a little sausage meat on each slice of veal, roll up lightly, enclose in thin slices of bacon, and tie securely with string. Place the rolls on end in the stewpan, cover with a greased paper, put on a close-fitting lid, and cook gently for 1 hour, basting occasionally with the sauce. Remove the string, dish in two straight rows, strain the sauce round and garnish with groups of mixed vegetables, previously cooked seperately until tender.

Time.—Altogether 3½ hours. Average Cost, one dish, about 1s. 6d. Sufficient—Allow 2 rolls to each person. Seasonable at any time.

803.—VEAL ROLLS. (See Veal Olives.)

804.—VEAL SAUSAGES. (Fr.Saucissons de Veau.)

Ingredients.—1 lb. of lean veal, 1 lb. of fat bacon, 1 teaspoonful of finely-chopped fresh sage, salt and pepper, sausage skins, frying-fat.

Method.—Chop both veal and bacon finely, add the sage and a liberal seasoning of salt and pepper. Press lightly into the skins, prick and fry in hot fat until nicely-browned. If preferred, form into round cakes, coat with seasoned flour or eggs and breadcrumbs, and fry in hot fat.

Time.—To fry, 10 minutes. Average Cost, about 1s. 6d. for this quantity.

805.—VEAU SAUTÉ À LA MARENGO. (Fr.Filets de Veau à la Marengo.)

Ingredients.—1½ lb. of fillet or cushion of veal, ¼ of a pint of salad, oil, ¼ of a pint of tomato sauce, ¼ of a pint of brown sauce (see Sauces), 1 glass of sherry, 1 truffle, 8 preserved mushrooms, 1 shallot finely-chopped, poached eggs, fleurons (or little half-moon shapes) of baked puff-paste, salt and pepper.

Method,—Cut the meat into pieces about 2¼ inches square. Make the oil hot in a stewpan, fry the pieces of meat quickly until lightly browned, and remove them as soon as they are fried. Put in the shallot, and fry slightly, then drain the oil into a smaller stewpan. Cut the mushrooms and truffle into slices, add them to the shallots in the stewpan, put in the 2 sauces, the wine and meat, season to taste, cover closely, and cook gently in the oven or on the stove for about 40 minutes. Fry the eggs in the oil and make them as plump as possible. The fluerons of puff-paste should be stamped out in the form of a crescent, brushed over with egg, and baked in a hot