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946.—TO SALT BEEF. (See Recipe No. 913.)

947.—TO SALT BEEF, DUTCH WAY. (Fr.Bœuf Salé, à la Hollandaise.)

Ingredients.—10 lb. of round or brisket of beef, 1 lb. of common salt 1 lb. of treacle, 1 oz. of saltpetre.

Method.—Rub the beef well with the treacle, let it remain for 3 days, meanwhile turning and rubbing it frequently, then drain and wipe dry. Mix the salt and saltpetre together, rub the mixture well into the meat, and turn it daily for 10 days. Roll tightly in a coarse cloth, place under heavy pressure for 2 days, and afterwards let it hang in the smoke from a peat or wood fire for 14 days. Boil or braise in the usual way, press until cold, then glaze and serve.

Time.—29 days. Average Cost, 6½d. to 9d. per lb. Seasonable at any time.