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948.—BREAST OF LAMB, MILANAISE STYLE. (Fr.Poitrine d'Agneau à la Milanaise.)

Ingredients.—A breast of lamb, a mirepoix of vegetables (see "Shoulder of Lamb, Braised"), stock, 6 ozs. of macaroni, 1 tablespoonful of grated cheese, 1 or 2 tablespoonfuls of white sauce, ½ an oz. of butter, salt and pepper.

Method.—Prepare and cook the lamb as directed (see "Shoulder of Lamb, Braised"). Break the macaroni into 2-inch lengths, throw it into boiling salted water, boil rapidly for 10 minutes, then drain well. Replace in the stewpan, cover with hot stock, and cook gently until tender, keeping the stewpan uncovered in order that the unabsorbed stock may evaporate. Just before serving stir in the butter, cheese and white sauce, and season to taste. Arrange neatly in the centre of a hot dish, and place the meat on the top. Serve with a suitable sauce or thickened gravy.

Time.—Altogether, about 2 hours. Average Cost, 8d. to 10d. per lb. Sufficient for 3 or 4 persons, according to size. Seasonable from April to October.

949.—BREAST OF LAMB, TURKISH STYLE. (Fr.Poitrine d'Agneau à la Turque.)

Ingredients.—A breast of lamb ¾ of a lb. of sausage-meat, ⅓ of a pint of demi-glace sauce or a mild curry sauce (see Sauces). For the mirepoix, or foundation: ¾ of a pint of stock, 2 onions, 2 carrots, ½ a small turnip, a bouquet-garni (parsley, thyme, bay-leaf), 6 peppercorns, 2 ozs. of butter. For the rice border: 6 ozs. of Patna rice, 1 large onion, 1½ ozs. of butter, 1½ pints of white stock, salt and pepper, and, if liked, a pinch of saffron, may be added.

Method.—Remove the bones, flatten the meat with a cutlet-bat or rolling-pin, season well with salt and pepper, spread on the sausagemeat, roll up tightly, and bind securely with string. Slice the vegetables,