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1074.—BOLOGNA SAUSAGES, IMITATION OF. (Fr.Saucisses à la Bologna.)

Ingredients.—2 lb. of lean beef, 2 lb. of lean pork, 1 lb. of finely-chopped suet, powdered thyme, mace, pepper, fat bacon cut into strips, ox skins, brine.

Method.—Simmer the meat very gently until tender, then chop it finely, or pass it 2 or 3 times through a mincing machine. Pound it and the suet until smooth, and season highly with pepper, and more sparingly with mace and thyme. Press the mixture into the prepared ox-skins, and in filling them intersperse strips of bacon. Tie the skins in 8 or 9-inch lengths, let them remain in brine for 9 or 10 days (see various recipes for salting), then hang them in the smoke from a peat fire. They may be kept for a considerable time in a cool dry place. Serve cut in thin slices.

Time.—To cure, 8 or 9 days. To smoke, at least 3 weeks. Average Cost, 10d. to 11d. per lb.

1075.—CROQUETS OF PORK. (Fr.Croquettes de Porc.)

Ingredients.—½ a lb. of finely-chopped cooked lean pork, ½ a teaspoonful of finely-chopped shallot or onion, ¼ of a teaspoonful of powdered sage, a pinch of marjoram, ½ an oz. of butter, ¾ of an oz. of flour, ¼ of a pint of strong stock, salt and pepper, 1 egg, breadcrumbs, frying-fat.

Method.—Melt the butter in a stewpan, fry the onion lightly, then stir in first the flour and afterwards the stock, and boil gently for 10 or 12 minutes, stirring briskly meanwhile. Add the meat, sage, marjoram, and a good seasoning of salt and pepper, stir over the fire until well mixed, and turn on to a plate to cool. Form into cork-shaped