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Ingredients.—1 lb. of flour, 6 ozs. of butter, 2 eggs, ½ a saltspoonful of salt, ½ a pint of water (about).

Method.—Sieve the flour, add the salt, rub the butter lightly in, and mix into a smooth paste with the eggs and water, adding the latter gradually as the paste must be very firm. See Pork Pie.

Time.—About 15 minutes. Average Cost, 9d. to 10d. Sufficient for 2 lbs,

1655.—FRENCH PUFF PASTE. (Founded on M. Ude's Recipe.)

Ingredients.—1 lb. of good butter, 1 lb. of flour, the yolks of 2 eggs, ½ a saltspoonful of salt, about ¼ of a pint of water.

Method.—Remove as much moisture as possible from the butter by squeezing it well in a dry cloth. Put 2 ozs. aside, form the remainder into a ball, and keep in a cool place. Sieve the flour, rub in the 2 ozs. of butter, add the salt, and moisten with the yolks of eggs and water, adding the latter gradually until the right consistency is obtained. Knead quickly and lightly until smooth, then roll out to the thickness of about ½ an inch. Enfold the ball of butter in the paste, press lightly with the rolling pin until the butter is flattened, and afterwards roll out as thinly as possible without allowing the butter to break through. Fold the paste in three, roll out thinly as before, again fold in three, and put it aside. Except in very hot weather, the paste will become sufficiently cool and firm in about 20 minutes, when it should be rolled out twice, and again put aside in a cold place for about 20 minutes before receiving its fifth and sixth turns. After the sixth turn the paste is ready for use, and may be converted into tartlets, patties, vol-au-vent, etc., particulars of which will be found under respective headings.

Time.—About 2 hours. Average Cost, 1s. to 1s. 2d. per lb.

1656.—GENOESE PASTE. (Fr.Pâte Génoise.)

Ingredients.—3 ozs. of fine flour, 4 ozs. of castor sugar, 2 ozs. of butter, 5 eggs.

Method.—Dry and sieve the flour, separate the whites of the eggs from the yolks, to the latter add the sugar, work vigorously until it has a thick creamy appearance, then stir in the butter melted. Whip the whites to a stiff froth, stir in the flour, then mix lightly, but thoroughly, with the contents of the other basin. Pour the mixture into a papered, buttered tin, and bake in a moderately hot oven.

Time.—To prepare and bake, about 1 hour. Average Cost, 8d. Sufficient for 1 medium-sized cake.