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Chapter X.

Supper at the Gregory's was almost over when I entered the dining-room: Kate and her mother and father and the boy Tommy were seated at the end of the table, taking their meal: the dozen guests had all finished and disappeared. Mrs. Gregory hastened to rise and Kate got up to follow her mother into the neighbouring kitchen.

"Please don't get up!" I cried to the girl, "I'd never forgive myself for interrupting you: I'll wait on myself or on you", I added smiling, "if you wish anything—"

She looked at me with hard, indifferent eyes and sniffed scornfully: "If you'll sit there", she said, pointing to the other end of the table, "I'll bring you supper; do you take coffee or tea?"

"Coffee, please," I answered and took the seat indicated, at once making up my mind to be cold to her while winning the others. Soon the boy began asking me had I ever seen any Indians—"in war-paint and armed, I mean" he added eagerly.

"Yes and shot at them, too", I replied smiling. Tommy's eyes gleamed—"Oh tell us!" he panted and I knew I could always count on one good listener!