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rang the bell in my room and as I had hoped, Kate answered it. When I heard her footsteps I was shaking, hot with desire and now I wish to describe a feeling I then first began to notice in myself. I longed to take possession of the girl, so to speak, abruptly, ravish her in fact, or at least thrust both hands up her dress at once and feel her bottom and sex altogether; but already I knew enough to realise certainly that girls prefer gentle and courteous approaches: why? Of the fact I'm sure. So I said, "Come in, Kate!" gravely; "I want to ask you whether the best bedroom is still free and if you'd like Professor Smith to have it, if I could get him to come here?"

"I'm sure Mother would be delighted", she exclaimed.

"You see", I went on, "I'm trying to serve you all I can, yet you don't even kiss me of your own accord": she smiled and so I drew her to the bed and lifted her up on it: I saw her glance and answered it: "The door is shut, dear", and half lying on her I began kissing her passionately while my hand went up her clothes to her sex. To my delight she wore no drawers, but at first she kept her legs tight together, frowning: "love denies nothing, Kate", I said gravely; slowly she drew her legs apart, half pouting, half smiling, and let me caress her sex. When her love-juice came I kissed her and stopped: "It's dangerous here", I said, "that door you came in by is open; but I must see your lovely limbs" and I turned up her dress. I hadn't exaggerated; she had limbs like a Greek statue and her triangle of brown hair lay in little silky curls on her belly and then—the sweetest cunny in the world: I bent down and kissed it.

In a moment Kate was on her feet, smoothing