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"Any weakling can make a boy, it takes a man to make a girl."

Kate laughed and just then a knock came to the door. "Come in!" I cried and the colored maid came in with a note: "a lady's just been and left it", said Jenny. I saw it was from Mrs. Mayhew, so I crammed it into my pocket saying regretfully: "I must answer it soon." Kate excused herself and after a long, long kiss went to prepare supper while I read Mrs. Mayhew's note, which was short if not exactly sweet.

"Eight days and no Frank, and no news; you cannot want to kill me: come to-day if possible. Lorna."

I replied at once, saying I would come on the morrow, that I was installing Smith in my boarding-house and was so busy I didn't know where to turn, but would be with her sure on the morrow and I signed "Your Frank".

That afternoon at five o'clock Smith came and I helped to arrange his books and make him comfy.

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