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Soon she grew warm and I pulled off my night-shirt and my middle finger was caressing her sex that opened quickly: "E—E!" she said drawing in her breath quickly: "it still hurts." I put my sex gently against hers, moving it up and down slowly till she drew up her knees to let me in; but as soon as the head entered, her face puckered a little with pain and as I had had a long afternoon, I was the more inclined to forbear and accordingly I drew away and took place beside her:

"I cannot bear to hurt you," I said, "love's pleasure must be mutual".

"You're sweet!" she whispered, "I'm glad you stopped; for it shows you really care for me and not just for the pleasure!" and she kissed me lovingly.

"Kate, reward me," I said, "by telling me just what you felt when I first had you" and I put her hand on my hot stiff sex to encourage her.

"It's impossible," she said, flushing a little, "there was such a throng of new feelings; why, this evening waiting in bed for the time to pass and thinking of you, I felt a strange prickling sensation in the inside of my thighs that I never felt before and now"—and she hid her glowing face against my neck, "I feel it again!"

"Love is funny, isn't it?" she whispered the next moment: "now the pricking sensation is gone and the front part of my sex burns and itches, Oh! I must touch it!"

"Let me," I cried, and in a moment I was on her, working my organ up and down on her clitoris, the porch, so to speak, of Love's temple. A little later she herself sucked the head into her hot, dry pussy and then closed her legs as if in pain to stop me going further; but I began to rub my sex up and down on her tickler, letting it slide right in, every