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no Southerner would be in doubt for a moment. You must leave her at once, please!"

"We are going to part at Frisco", I said. And when he pressed me to send her back at once, I refused. I would not put such shame upon her and even now I'm sure I was right in that resolve.

Smith was sorry but kind to me and so we parted forever.

He had done more for me than any other man and now after fifty years I can only confess my incommensurable debt to him and the hot tears come into my eyes now as they came when our hands met for the last time: he was the dearest, sweetest, noblest spirit of a man I have met in this earthly pilgrimage. Ave atque vale.

As the time drew on to the day when the boat was to start, Sophy grew thoughtful. I got her a pretty corn-colored dress that set off her beauty as golden sunlight a lovely woodland, and when she thanked and hugged me, I wanted to put my hand up her clothes for she had made a mischievous, naughty remark that amused me and reminded me we had driven all the previous day and I had not had her. To my surprise she stopped me: "I've not washed since we came in", she explained.

"Do you wash so often?" "Shuah," she replied, fixing me.

"Why?" I asked, searching her regard.

"Because I'm afraid of nigger-smell," she flung out passionately—

"What nonsense!" I exclaimed.

"Tain't either", she contradicted me angrily, "My mother took me once to negro-church and I near choked: I never went again; I just couldn't: when they get hot, they stink—pah!" and she shook her head and made a face in utter disgust and contempt.