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INDEX 279 for conditions near Suchau (1S59), 100. Incendiarism, Attempts to sup- press, 104. Indian opium trade. Plan for suppression of, 220. Indian tea, see Tea. Integral and Differential Cal- culus, translated, 139. Jamestown, St. Helena, 22. Japan over Russia, Trimnph of, effect on China, 73. Japan-Russo War (1904-05), influence on China, 236. Jesuits, their jealousy toward Dr. Robert Morrison, 14. Kan Wong, Hung Jiu called, native preacher, 108; raised to position of prince and meaning of new name, 108; interviews with Yung Wing regarding Taiping rebellion, 109; offers him seal of high official rank, 110. Kang Kow, station at entrance of Tsientang River, 82, 85. Kearneyism, Spirit of, 208. Kellogg, Dr. E. W., accom- panies Yung Wing to Peru, 194; guardian to sons of Yung Wing, 227. Kew Keang, port, 136. Kiang Nan Arsenal, location and importance, 153; visited by Viceroy Tsang Kwoh Fan (1S67), 168; see also Ma- chinery; Tsang Kwoh Fan. Kiangsee, province, 53, 75, 79, 80, 83. King Ho, river, 89. King Yuen, city, 129. Kingchau, on Yangtze River, 84, 88. Kiukiang, river port, 83. Kodama, Viscount Gentaro, governor of Formosa, 242; interview with Yung Wing, 242. Korea, cause of war between China and Japan (1894-95), 224. Kow Chang Mere, first machine shop at, 153; see also Ma- chinery. Ku Chow, walled city, 86. Kwang Kee Cheu, interpreter for Chinese Educational Com- mission, 197. Kwang Su, Emperor, deposed, 238, 241; controlled by Dowager Empress, 238; real character, 239; exponent of reform movement, 241; also 73. Kwang Tung, province, drastic measures by Yeh Ming Hsin to suppress rebellion in, 53; revolting scenes, 53; spread of Christianity in, 117. Kwangshun, city, 86. Kwangsi, province, spread of Christianity in, 117. Labor question in China, af- fected by Western innova- tions, 84, 88. Lan Chi, town on Tsientang River, 86, 87. Lane, Rev. John W., protest against breaking up of Chi- nese Educational Commis- sion, 211. Language, Chinese, difference between written and spoken, 52. Lau Gate, city of Suchau, 98. Leang Ahfah, first convert, 15, 115. Legge, Dr. James, translator, 108; work on dictionary, 114; Professor of Chinese language and literature at Oxford, England, 253. Li Hung Chang, prot^gS and successor of Yung Wing, 142; Nienfi rebellion ended (1867), 168; succeeds Tsang Kwoh Fan, 187; characters con- trasted, 187; orders investiga- tion of coolie traffic in Peru and Cuba, 194; interview with Yung Wing on subject of re- call of students (1881), 218; strenuous for peace in war