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INDEX 283 Doxology, 99, 102: views of Christianit}-, 101 ; and of soldiery, 103; defeated be- fore Nanking (1860), lOi; statement by Chin regarding their disposition, 105; quan- tities of green tea held by, 124; also 86, 90; see also Tai- ping Green Tea Expedition; Rebellions. Taotai, official of fourth rank, 167. Tea, Chinese and Indian com- pared, 92; drank as thank- offering, 103; quantities held by Taiping rebels, 124; ex- peditions to purchase, headed by Yung Wing, 125; also 85, 90, 191. Tien Wong, Hung Siu Chune called, 108. Tientsin massacre (1870), cause, 177; Chung Hou held responsible for, 178; in- demnity, 178; Imperial com- missioners, 178; also 268. Ting Yi Tcheang, see Ting Yih Chang. Ting Yih Chang, taotai of Shanghai, 167; sympathy with educational plans of Yung Wing, 170; governor of Kiang Su and Imperial commissioner for settlement of Tsientsin massacre, 179. Tonquin, tributary state, 178. Treaty Powers, 58. Trident, sailing ship, 14. Isai Sik Yung, secretary to viceroy of Hunan and Hupeh (189^), 225. Tsang Kee Foo, standing, 76; introduces Yung Wing to Li Jen Shu, 76. Tsang Kwoh Fan, viceroy, 137; defeated by Taiping rebels (1862), 138; his plans for Yung Wing, 139; drills army and brings to extinc- tion Taiping rebellion, 141, 147; supreme power of China, 142; personal characteristics, 142, 145, 146; interview with Yung Wing, 143; created duke by Dowager Empress, 147; plans for introducing Western machinery into China, 149, 153; commissions Yung Wing to make first purchase, 154; capture of Nanking, 164; makes Chu Chow headquarters, 164; Nienfi rebellion ended (i867), 168; visits Kiang Nan Ar- senal, 168; Imperial commis- sioner for settlement of Tsientsin massacre, 178, 180; furthers Yung Wing's edu- cational scheme, 180, 183; re- turns to headquarters at Nan- king (1870), 182; death (1871), 186, 273; summing up of character and com- parison with Li Hung Chang, 187; Chang Chi Tung com- pared with, 228, 230; also 76, 77, 104, Tsang Tai Sun, interpreter for Chinese Educational Com- mission, 183, 197; also 96. Tsang Mew, friend of Yung Wing, 125. Tsientang River, its periodical bore, 81. Tung Ting Lake, 89. Twichell, Rev. Joseph H., ac- companies Yung Wing to Peru, 194; protest against breaking up of Chinese Edu- cational Commission, 211; also 227. Ung Tung Hwo, tutor to Em- peror Kwang Su, 233; cham- pions Yung Wing's banking scheme, 234; collusion with Shing Sun Whei and system of graft, 235. Union Chapel, Shanghai, 66. U. S. government, timely inter- vention to prevent partition- ment, 73. Urh Woo, Chinese boat, 82. Victoria Colony, 15. Vrooman, Rev. — head-