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286 INDEX operation of Ting Yih Chang in educational scheme, 170; proposals drawn up, 171; hindrances to their presenta- tion to the government, 175; Tsientsin massacre furthers plans, 177; memorial for adoption of proposals signed, 180; Chin Lan Pin's co- operation, 181; memorial sanctioned, 18:2; invited to Nanking to confer with Viceroy, 183 ; Educational Commission appointed, 183; preparatory school es- tablished (1871), 185; Eng- lish government schools visited, 186; precedes first in- stallment of students to U. S. (IS72), 188; headquarters at Hartford, Conn., 189; gat- ling gun introduced into China (1873), 191; in- terview with Peruvian com- missioner on coolie traffic, 192; relates horrors and re- fuses to further treaty, 193; commissioned to investigate conditions in Peru, 194; re- port of mission, 195; attitude of Peruvian commissioner, 195; results, 196; appointed joint Chinese minister to Washington, 198, 207; dis- agreement with Chin Lan Pin, 202, 205; letter to Viceroy regarding Woo Tsze Tung, 205; violation of Bur- lingame Treaty, 208; last of- ficial act as Commissioner (1877), 209; reports at Pe- king upon expiration of term of office (1881), 217; inter- view with Li Hung Chang on subject of recall of stu- dents (1881), 218; paying official calls, 219; Indian opium trade and poppy cul- ture, 220; return to U. S. (1883), 220; illness and death of wife (1886), 221; joy in sons, 223; formulates plans for prosecuting war of 1894-95, 224; partial ac- ceptance of plan and com- mission to negotiate loan, 224; failure caused by per- sonal animosity, ^226; recalled to China (1895), 226; pro- vision for sons during ab- sence, 227; presents plans to Chang Chi Tung, 228; ap- pointed secretary of Foreign Affairs for Kiang Nan, 231; resigns, 232; begins transla- tion of National Banking Act, 232; defeat of plans for National Bank of China, 234; unsuccessful attempt to se- cure railroad concession, 237; headquarters at Peking rendez-vous of reformers of 1898, 241; flight to Shanghai and organization of " De- liberative Association of China," 241; in Hong Kong (1900-02), 241; returns to U. S. (1902), 242; visit to Formosa and threatened ar- rest, 242; furnished with bodyguard, 245; meeting with Dr. Horace Bushnell, 256; for detailed resum^ of life see Appendix.