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McPherson's Railroad Freight Rates

In Their Relation to the Industry and Commerce of the United States. By Logan G. McPherson, author of "The Working of the Rail- roads," 8vo. With maps, tables, and a full index. $2.25 net, by mail. $2.42. This study of the freight rate structure is so comprehensive and thorough as not only to be exceedingly valuable to anyone having to do with railroad freight traffic either as a railroad official or as a shipper, but it is also a most fascinating exposition for the general reader of a subject which has not hitherto received a popularly in- telligible presentation. It offers to younger men the only means of knowing how the present freight rate system has been evolved "An exceedingly important book. . . . Not only the best existing account, but it is easily the best book on American railway traffic. . . . We have little hesitation in expressing the opinion that it will stand as the standard reference work for a good many years, and from the standpoint of public policy we are exceedingly glad that the book has been written. The country would be better governed if the legislator, state and national, had to pass an examination upon it before taking his oath of office." — Railroad Age Gazette. "A book the nation has needed." — AVw York Suu. McPherson' s The "Working of the Railroads By Logan G. McPherson, Lecturer on Transportation at Johns Hopkins. i2mo. $1.50 net ; By mail $1.63. " Simply and lucidly tells what a railroad company is, what it does, and how it does it. Cannot fail to be of use to the voter. Of exceeding value to the young and ambitious in railroad service. — T/ie Travelers' Official Rail- luay Guide. " The most important contribution to its branch of the subject that has yet been made." — The Dial. "The author's connection with practical service gives this a value which no other book quite equals. Up-to-date, informing, ... an excellent piece of work." — Wall Street Journal. Carter's When Railroads Were New By Charles Frederick. Carter, with an Introductory Note by Logan G. McPherson. 16 full-page illustrations, 8vo, 3 12 pp. $2.00 net, by mail ^2. 16. A history of the every-day difficulties, discouragements and triumphs of the pioneers who built and ran the early railroads. With many anecdotes that add to the abundant human interest. "Full of interest. Besides the general chapter on the beginnings, it gives the early history of the Erie, the Pennsylvania, and the Baltimore and Ohio, of the Vanderbuilt lines, the first Pacific railroad, and of the Canadian Pacific. Very readable. — A. Y. Suu. "Invaluable. It gathers the floating fragments of railroad history, weaving a human interest into a coherent record of every day trials and triumphs. A human and personal document, not a dry historical treatise or a batch of anecdotes." — Baltimore Sun. "No book of adventure contains more exciting episodes or more varied in- terest. Every page is of live interest. So replete with curious information, thoroughly entertainina; and instructive." — Brooklyn Eagle. HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY PUBLISHERS ^EW YORK