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some universal fact, might well sweep over two volumes as large as these.

An essay in the Nineteenth Century (September 1886) contained some of the material used in the chapter on Egyptian Divine Myths, and the relations of "Demeter and the Pig" were stated in the same periodical (April 1887). A few remarks on Greek temple-rites appeared in the Saturday Review as "The Seamy Side of Greek Religion." Of the shorter Appendices, that on Mr. Morgan's theory of the Aztec civilisation, and that on Fontenelle's Origine des Fables, were more or less published in the St. James's Gazette, and "The Hare in Egyptian Religion" in Mélusine. These fragments have been used with the courteous permission of the several editors.

The article on "Mythology" in the Encyclopædia Britannica, translated as "La Mythologie" (Paris, Dupret, 1886) by M. Parmentier, with a preface and notes by M. Ch. Michel of Gand, was a brief sketch made from this book while in course of construction.

I must apologise for occasional allusions to other writings of my own on these topics, and for repetitions in this book; the latter are mainly, so to speak, like "cross references" in a dictionary or index.