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Constitutional Court of South Africa

Case CCT 10/99

The National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality First Appellant/Applicant
Sven Patrik Alberding Second Appellant/Applicant
Fiona Jane Liebe Saunders Watson Third Appellant/Applicant
Malcolm Clive North Fourth Appellant/Applicant
Franck André Charles Joly Fifth Appellant/Applicant
Linda Aoudia Sixth Appellant/Applicant
Argyris Sotiris Argyrou Seventh Appellant/Applicant
Clint Lewis Tatchell Eighth Appellant/Applicant
Lucinda Slingsby Ninth Appellant/Applicant
Steven Mark le Grange Tenth Appellant/Applicant
Hilton Marc Kaplan Eleventh Appellant/Applicant
Christine Hazebroucq Twelfth Appellant/Applicant
Jacobus Johannes de Wet Steyn Thirteenth Appellant/Applicant
The Commission for Gender Equality Fourteenth Appellant/Applicant
The Minister of Home Affairs First Respondent
The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Second Respondent
The Director-General of Home Affairs Third Respondent