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O holy, placid harp-notes
Of that eternal hymn!
O sacred sweet reflection,
And peace of Seraphim!

O thirst, forever ardent,
Yet evermore content!
O true, peculiar vision
Of God cunctipotent!
Ye know the many mansions
For many a glorious name,
And divers retributions
That divers merits claim:
For the midst constellations
That deck our earthly sky,
This star than that is brighter,—
And so it is on high.

JERUSALEM the glorious!
The glory of the Elect!
O dear and future vision
That eager hearts expect:
Even now by faith I see thee:
Even here thy walls discern:
To thee my thoughts are kindled,
And strive and pant and yearn!
Jerusalem the onely,
That look'st from heaven below
In thee is all my glory;

In me is all my woe;