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fusion of sena, the pustules, at a medium, were eight to each. One of the eleven boys, who, under the same circumstances, except previous purges, had two hundred pustules, raises the medium of the others to thirty-two each though one of these had but one pustule, and the next greatest in number had only thirty-six.

Of those eight, where purulent matter from inoculation was inserted, and calomel without purging medicine previously given, one had four hundred and forty pustules; a quantity almost double to that of any one of the whole number, who are the subject of this enquiry. The next greatest is forty-two; the least only seven. Of these the medium is seventy-two; a number more than double that of those, who in the former inoculation took no preparatory purging medicine at all; and nine times as many as those, who in the former inoculation took infusion of sena only. This experiment, as far it extends, is not in favour of the mercurial alterative, previous to inoculation. The medium of those eight who took infusion of sena, is twenty-nine each; much less than half the preceding number: and of the seven inoculated without medical preparation, the medium is eighteen, that is, one-fourth of the number only of those who took the mercurial medicine.

Of the eighteen, where matter in its most concocted state from inoculation was inserted, and no medical preparatory given to each, the medium was fifty-seven to each; which is the highest