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be fewest in number, and the disease the slightest. Ichorous or watery variolous matter, therefore, I should chuse to employ.

If, indeed, particularly in children, there should be symptoms which indicated worms or foul bowels, I should certainly direct calomel with jalap, or with whatever other purging medicine was exhibited, previous to inoculation: and this not so much with a view of lessening the number of variolous pustules, as that of more effectually clearing the bowels of their morbid contents.

The general expediency of repeated purging at the decline and after the disease, when conducted in this manner, seems to depend entirely upon the state of the punctures, the sores succeeding them, and other indications at the time. The secure side is that of gently, and not violent, purging. If no plaster has been applied, the punctures rarely give any trouble. Particular care must be taken likewise, that, after so long an abstinence from animal food, the patients be, when the pustules are dried away, restored to it by degrees. Those of the younger sort especially, as their appetites are generally pretty keen, if left to their own discretion, would eat too much: and whatever happens afterwards, though apparently the effect only of too hasty an ingurgitation of animal food, would be attributed to the remains of the variolous matter lurking in the habit and not sufficiently carried off.