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ber been inoculated under advantageous circumstances, it will not be too much to say, that the thousands had been preserved, and a portion only of the fractional parts been destroyed by this disease. Of these, how many died under inoculation we are not informed. It were a desirable thing to be known. The deaths by inoculation ought to make a distinct article in the bills of mortality. In great numbers inoculated some will die, whoever may conduct the process: but as many inoculators endeavour industriously to conceal the deaths in this practice, and are desirous of attributing them to any cause rather than the small-pox, it would not be easy to procure the real numbers.

It may be no small degree of satisfaction to those who have been inoculated, and have had the small-pox in a very flight manner, to be informed, that besides those above mentioned, who were inoculated a second time without effect, I have had some scores punctured a second time, where there has been only one pustule; or where without pustules the punctures.

There died of the fmall-pox from 1701 to 1710, 12548 persons. This number is greatly enhanced by the number 3138 dying of the small-pox in the last of those years. In the year 1702, there died of this disease, only 311; though the general deaths were 19481.

General deaths from 1701 to 1710,214611

from 1758 to 1767,223497