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By the seventh day all the pustules were turned; she was surprizingly hearty, and had been for the last four or five days in a temperate degree of heat. The weather was at this time very cold; there were no curtains to her bed and as she had been so much chilled by a long continuance in water, and therefrom the powers of life in a very torpid state, Mr. Oborne was not apprehensive of his being able to raise too much fever; on the contrary, he was rather jealous of her not having heat enough to expel the variolous matter: but he was agreeably mistaken; for within two or three days after, she was walking about the ward, being naturally of a robust constitution, and had no other complaint but that of extreme hunger.

This instance of recovering from drowning is, with several others of the same kind, well authenticated, an argument of the expediency of always attempting to recover persons taken out of the water, however lifeless they may appear, unless their eyes are sunk, or putrefaction actually begun. The method above made use of, proved successful: but that had not been attempted, had it not been for the small degree of motion, observed by persons casually there, in her upper lip. This was no more than what is usually seen in many parts, particularly in the abdominal integuments of slaughtered beasts, even after the head has been severed from the body a considerable time. The sort of groan, which had been heard by the bearers, after she had fallen from their shoulders in bringing her to the work-house, had been paid so little attention to, that the drowned person was in very

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