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of great latitude. Many degrees may be conceived from strong to weak health, and from thence down to sickness. A man in the most perfect state is an imaginary being; and between compleat health and the privation of it, or sickness there are numberless middle states, in each of which a man may be said to be well. Therefore, though he is so, some preparation may be proper, if not absolutely necessary, to mend his constitution, and bring it as near as possible to the most perfect state."

Answer.The care of our health ought, at all times, to be attended to; it is the chief of all blessings. Preparation is extremely useful in that view; it is even necessary for those, who, from their duties in life, the pursuit of pleasure, or other circumstances, are apt to live so as to injure their health; and on such an occasion as inoculation, it behoves them to be more particularly careful than they can well be in the common course of life.

Preparation, thus explained, implies a closer attention to avoid whatever might be detrimental; it is negative, consisting of privations not remedies; and as those privations only relate to excesses of any kind, such as labour eating, drinking, &c. it is plain that this is no particular preparation, according to our former definition.

We often see people enjoy excellent health, though living in a different or quite opposite manner with regard to their diet, exercise, or,