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Preliminary Discourse


A short Account of the present State of Inoculation in France.

I Received this little tract from the author, towards the beginning of last spring, when I was confined to my bed by a severe fit of illness.[1] The reasonable relief which it gave to my mind, induced me to employ my sleepless hours in translating it; and I thought my labour not ill bestowed, if it could afford any entertainment or instruction to English readers.

Whether this piece will be received as well as my ingenious friend Mr. de la Condamine's Discourse on Inoculation, I shall not pretend to determine. To me they appear equally valuablel and the singularity of the present work may recommend it to a people, amongst whom those writers are peculiarly held in esteem, who thinking for themselves dare to print what they think.

In another country, indeed not his own, Dr. Gatti suffered for his boldness. Upon the recommendation of a French lady of distinction,[2] whose son he had most happily inocu-

  1. Quum me ægritudo non solum somno privaret, verum ne vigilare quidem sine summo dolore pateretur. Cic. ad Att. ix. 2.
  2. Spouse to the Count de Durfort, Ambassador at Naples.