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with the point of a lancet, dipped in, and slightly moistened with, this matter; and no plaster was put over them. The lancet, in making these punctures, was obliquely directed, that the matter might be inserted between the cuticle and skin. They had all abstained from animal food ten days before the punctures were made, which they did likewise during the course of the disease. Their diet was milk, and divers preparations of vegetables; and their drink water, with toasted bread in it, except now and then a draught of wine whey, when necessary. If any of them coughed to a degree worth taking notice of, they drank infusion of raisins. When the weather was favourable, they were, both during the preparation and course of the disease, frequently in the open air. Hitherto in every particular the treatment was the same; if therefore, any difference should arise during the course of the subsequent disease, it must be accidental or constitutional, and not owing to diet or difference in their general regimen.

Of these thirty-one persons, five boys and five girls, by way of preparation, took a powder, consisting of twelve grains of jalap and four of calomel. This powder was taken twice before the insertion of the variolous matter, and once after. No other medicine was used as preparatory.

Of the five boys, four had the small-pox in a very slight degree; of the fifth, the punctures inflamed but little; and though he was inoculated a second time twelve days after, he had