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Preliminary Discourse.

The college, a numerous body, consisting of above one hundred and twenty doctors, appointed twelve commissaries, to make new researches, and prepare a report, upon this interesting subject. This committee, composed of the leaders of both parties, agreed upon five queries[1] to be sent all over Europe, in order to obtain new lights, and render, if possible, their judgment decisive and [[SIC|unamimous|unanimous}}.

This, however, was not the case; for, though the answers which came, at least from those who were really qualified to give any, were greatly in favour of inoculation, an equal division of opinions still took place amongst the members of the committee; six declared against, and six for, the English practice. The former were the first in giving and publishing their report[2]. This libel, for it deserves no

  1. It may not be amiss to insert here these queries.
    I. Quæstio; an à longo tempore invaluerit in vestra regione insitionis variolarum methodus & quo successu? II. An nonnulli inter inoculatos occubuerint? III. An quidam variolarum inoculationem perpessi variolas naturalis postea contraxerint & quo tempore? IV. An vobis compertum suerit simul cum variolis alios diversi generis nonnunquam insertos fuisse morbos? V. An post inoculationem plurimi variis laboraverint ægritudinibus, quæ ex hoc fonte derivari viderentur, & an hoc frequentius rariusve fuerit quam à variolis sponte contractis?
  2. Rapport sur le fait de l'inoculation de la
Q 2