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Five boys and five girls under the same regimen with the former, took each of them two purges of infusion of sena and syrup of roses, before the punctures were made, and one four days after. No other medicine was used as preparatory. Not one of these complained of sickness, or other disorder, during the whole course of the disease. Eight of them had variolous pustules. One of the girls, though the punctures inflamed, had no eruption. She was then inoculated again, but the second punctures were not visible after a day or two. One of the boys had likewise the punctures inflamed to a considerable degree, but no eruption followed. These eight had sixty-six pustules among them, of whom one, who had most, had thirty. Two of the girls had only two pustules each. At a medium, each had little more than eight pustules.

Eleven boys under the same circumstances with the former, were inoculated without any medical preparation. Of these, previous to the eruption, five complained of head-ach, two of which were slightly feverish. One of these last, though the punctures inflamed, and had a large red margin round them two inches in diameter, had no eruption; and when punctured a second time, a fortnight after, it had no effect. Another, who had no feverish symptoms, though the punctures inflamed, had no eruption, and was inoculated a fortnight after without effect. The other nine went through the disease perfectly well, and had among them two hundred and eighty-eight pustules; which, reduced to a medium, is thirty-two each. It is here to be ob-