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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. JULY 3, im

place, in the parish of Ednam in Berwickshire, this present year, 1799. To the great terror of the Spectators who beheld its alarming aspect, Dunbar : printed for [by] and sold by G. Miller.

No date. 12mo, 24 pp. No copy in the

British Museum.

Pp. 11-14 are damaged by fire.

[1799 ?] An account of several remarkable earthquakes which have happened in various quarters of the world ; with the direful conse- quences, that have accrued, from those dreadful convulsions of nature, occasional shocks of which have been felt in Scotland, within these 13 years. Two so recently, as the months of January and February, 1799. Collected from good Authorities.

Dunbar : printed for and sold by G. Miller

No date. 12mo, 24 pp. Not in B.M.

1800. The world turn'd upside down. To which, are added, Tarry Woo, The valiant sailor, The colliers bonny Lassie, Bold Sylvia, My love is but a Lassie yet. Printed by G. Miller, High Street, Dunbar. 1800. 12mo, 8 pp.

'The World Turn'd Upside Down' was a ballad common in London from 1790 on- wards. One such version (B.M. 11621. k. 5. 427) begins " I am a poor unhappy Man," and runs to 8 stanzas. Of the last piece by Burns only the first 8 lines are printed !

1801. [Defoe (Daniel).] The life and most surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner. Who lived eight and twenty years in an uninhabited island, on the coast of America, near the mouth of the great river Oroonoque. including an account of his deliverance thence, and his after surprising adventures. With his vision of the angelic world. An improved edition, illustrated with eight engravings, from original designs. To which is annexed, the re- markable history of Alexander Selkirk ; who lived four years and four months in a state of solitude on the Island of Juan Fernandez in the Pacific Ocean. Dunbar : printed by, and for, G. Miller. 1801. 12mo, 238 pp. B.M. 12614, ccc. 22.

The 8 curious full-page woodcuts are drawn and engraved by A. Carse, Edinburgh.

1803. Cheap Tracts. Calculated to promote the interests of religion, virtue, & humanity. Vol. I. Dunbar : [printed] published & sold by G. Miller. 1803. 12mo. Not in the B.M.

Tracte 1-10, of 24 pp. each, numbered con- secutively, and with separate title-pages. The complete series consists of 20 Tracts. A list of the 20 titles is given in ' Latter Struggles,' 1833, p. 49.

1806. Goldsmith (Oliver). The Traveller : or, s prospect of society. With a beautiful frontis- piece cut on wood by Bewick. Haddington :

printed by and for G. Miller. 1806. 12mo, viii + 30 pp. Not in B.M.

Many editions with illustrations by Bewick were being published in London at this time. This is in original paper covers : " Price Six pence." *

[1809 ?] [Southey (Robert).] The battle of Blenheim. To which is added, The happy work- man. Haddington : printed by G. Miller & Son, booksellers. No date. 12mo, 8 pp. Not in B.M. Written in ink after "Blenheim," "by Rob fc Southey Esq r ."

F1809 ?] The miller of Gloucestershire. To- which is added, The happy workman. Hadding- ton : printed for the booksellers. No date. 12mo, 8 pp. Not in B.M.

G. Miller's name does not appear on this piece.

[1809 ?] The Lothian lassie. To which are added, My Name O. Tink a tink. The banks

of Doon. * Haddington : printed by G. Miller

No date. 12mo, 8 pp. Not in B.M. The second and fourth pieces aie by Burns, ' The Banks of Doon ' being largely altered from the received versions. ' My Name O ' has the original word " Stinchar " in place of the more common " Lugar."

[1810 ?] The battle of Talavera ; or, the solider's threnody. Haddington: printed by

G. Miller No date. 12mo, 8 pp. Not in


" The Battle of Talavera, a poem [by J. W, Croker]. Sixth edition corrected with some- additions," 8vo, was published in London in 1810 (B.M. 1465. h. 13. (9).) Talavera was fought 27-8 July, 1809. This is pro- bably a contemporary piece.

1813-14. The Cheap Magazine, a work o f humble import ; yet claiming the attention of all ranks, as having for its object the Prevention) of Crimes, and being calculated to ensure the

Seace, comfort and security of society r by allur- ig the young and thoughtless to a taste for read- ing subjects of real utility .... consisting of original communications and select extracts .... Hadding- ton : printed and published by George Miller and Son, 1813-14. 2 vols. 8vo. Vol. I. (Nos. l-13)j viii+616 pp. Vol. II. (Nos. 1-13) iv+620 pp.

See ' The Lamp of Lothian,' 1844, p. 525 : " This publication, which was followed by The- Monthly Monitor, was rather of an instructive than literary nature ; both were written chiefly by the publisher himself and Mrs. Grant of Duthil."

Facsimiles of title-page, and p. 81, vol. i. are given by Mr. Chas. E. Green in his '.East Lothian,' Edinb. and Lond., 1907, pp. 41 and 43. The Cheap Magazine appears to- have been popularly known as The Cheapy, and is so referred to by Mr. J. M. Barrie im 1 A Window in Thrums.'

1813. The Cheap Magazine Haddington. . . .

1813. Vol. I. (Second Copy.)

1815. The Monthly Monitor and philanthropic museum : being a cheap repository for hints, suggestions, facts, and discoveries, interesting to humanity ; and for papers of every description, having a tendency to prevent the commission of crimes, counteract the baneful effects of per- nicious sentiments and bad example ; encourage-