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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. JULY 31, im

T. L. PEACOCK : GEORGE MEREDITH. In J. A. Hammerton's * George Meredith in Anecdote and Criticism ' it is said (p. 7) that the Merediths were " within easy reach of Peacock's home at Chertsey. For forty years Peacock lived in the pretty little Surrey town, and Meredith also remained true to the county." During what period did Peacock live at Chertsey ? Did he not live at Halliford in Midldesex ?

J. J. F.


BRIDGEWATER BOROUGH. I shall be glad to know whether there exists a copy or translation of William Briwerre's founda- tion charter, preceding John's charter of 26 June, 1200 (' Rot. Chart.,' 1837, i. 73). HOST. J. WHITWELL.


" COHERER." The spread of wireless telegraphy has made us familiar with the electric apparatus called a " coherer," fitted for the perception of electric waves in the air, and the corresponding " anti-coherer " (or " receiver "), erected at the opposite terminus station. It would be interesting to ascertain the date when the new scientific term " coherer," which is not yet recorded in the ' Historical English Dictionary,' but will claim its entry in the Supplement, first occurred, and was used with this special signification. INQUIRER.

' THE OERA LINDA BOOK.' In the preface to the very curious Frisian chronicle called 'The Oera Linda Book,' which was pub- lished in London in 1876 with a translation by W. R. Sandbach, it is stated that there had been much controversy as to its genuine- ness, and that at that time no certain con- clusion had been arrived at. Has this point been decided since then ?

HUGH S. GLADSTONE. Thornhill, Dumfr esshire.

GOETHE ON " IGNORANCE IN MOTION." Goethe observed, " ' Ignorance in motion ' is dangerous to the welfare of a nation." Where can this observation be found ?


HOLLOW LOAF FORETELLING DEATH. Recently a woman in this neighbourhood (in West Cornwall) cut a loaf of bread, and found it to be hollow. She remarked that there would soon be a death in the family. Curiously enough, within a week two of her relatives died. Does this superstition obtain in other districts ? P. JENNINGS.

St. Day.

AUTHORS OF QUOTATIONS WANTED. I heard the late Bishop of London quote the following lines, as the peroration of his address on opening an elementary school at Willesden, but have never been able to trace the author :

sweeter shall the roses blow

In those far years, those happy years, And children weep when we lie low Far fewer tears, far happier tears.


I want the source of the following quota- tions :

1. If lusty Love should go in search of beauty r where would he find it fairer than in Blanche ?

2. The lovely young Lavinia once had friends.


I shall be grateful if any of your readers can tell me where I can find a sonnet, the last lines of which are :

They called him Opportunity. He never came again.

J. F. W.

POEM ON A BOY AND HIS CURLS. I wish to learn the name of the author of a short poem on a " baby boy," whose golden curls were a cause of delight to his mother, but to himself of much teasing by his playfellows. Eventually he dies of fever, his mother cutting off the curls before laying him in his coffin. E. C. GARSTIN.

Beau Site, Sea View, Isle of Wight.

BLACK NOTLEY PARISH REGISTER. The register of this Essex parish for the years 1671 to 1735 has been missing since before 1813. Is there any chance of its recovery or of any clue ? This register should contain the record of the burial of John Ray the naturalist.

W. WARREN, Rector.

KENDAL HOUSE, ISLEWORTH. This place, as an eighteenth-century pleasure resort, has not found a page in Mr. Warwick Wroth' s excellent volume, although it was of suffi- cient importance and not too far from London. Here is one of its advertisements, dated September, 1754 :

"Kendal House, Isleworth, which is so happily situated both for the Sweets of Retirement and for the Diversions of Hunting, Shooting, and Fishing, is and will be continued to be kept open all the Winter, here being pleasant warm Lodging Rooms and the best and Cheapest Entertainment that is to be had anywhere within so short a Ride from London, either for private company or for Parties of Pleasure, with a fine Ball or Banqueting Room, for the Celebration of Weddings, Birth-Days, or any other Festivity ; and for the better accommo-