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NOTES AND QUERIES. rio s. xn. AUG. 7, im

10s. Qd. Under Art are many items of interest. There is a good list under Charles I. Among London items is a collection of many hundreds of newspaper cuttings (all dated), prints, playbills, .song-heads, &c., relating to Wapping and the Thames Tunnel, covering a period from 1710 to 1845, mounted and bound in a folio volume, II. 10s. In the Addenda, under Dickens, is an autograph letter of four pages, dated London Tavern, 25 Feb., 1851, asking the Chief Constable for "four police officers in uniform and eight in plain clothes to be at a dinner to be given to Macready," signed in full, with franked envelope, 3Z. 10s.

The Catalogue of portraits contains Dickens at the age of twenty-six, the original water-colour by Samuel Laurence, also the lithograph of the same, 9Z. 9s. the two ; Queen Charlotte, after Beechey by Bartolozzi, 21. 2s. ; Charles I., after Van Dyck by Boydell, 4Z. 4s. ; the Princess Charlotte, after Sir T. Lawrence, 21. 2s. ; Van Dyck, after Rubens, 31. 3s. ; Martin Folkes, after Vanderbank, 11. Is. ; and Colley Cibber, 21. 2s. There are portraits of Byron and Thackeray, Ouikshank caricatures, and other engravings.

Messrs. Simmons & Waters's Leamington Catalogue 236 contains ' The Avon Booklet,' edited by J. Thomson, 1904-5, 3 vols., 10s. 6d. This has a collection of early published or sup- pressed works, including Browning, Tennyson, Lamb, Shelley, Borrow, Thackeray, Dickens, and others. Bewick's ' .ZEsop,' first edition, royal 8vo, original boards, uncut, 1818, is 21. 2s. Under Books and Bibliography are volumes of The Bookman ; Haney's ' Bibliography of Coleridge,' privately printed, Philadelphia, 1903, 14s. ; Livingston's ' First Editions of Charles and Mary Lamb prior to 1834,' New York, 1903, 11. Is. ; William Rossetti's ' Bibliography of Dante Rossetti,' 3s. ; and Prideaux's ' Bibliography of Stevenson,' 8s. Roman Catholic books include a .fine copy of the Breviary, translated by the Marquis of Bute, 1908, 21. 2s. Extra-illustrated books include Lady Charlotte Bury's ' Diary of a Lady in Waiting,' 2 vols., full polished green calf, 1908, 3Z. 17s. Qd. ; Lady Anne Hamilton's ' Secret History of the Courts of George III. and IV.,' -three-quarter calf, 31. 17s. Qd. ; Howell's ' Familiar Letters,' full calf by Morrell, 4Z. ; Croker's edition of Boswell, 1839, 10 vols., full calf, 236 extra plates, Ql. 17s. Qd. ; and Rogers's ' Table Talk,' 1856, extended to 2 vols., green morocco, 4Z. 4s. There are first editions of Swinburne. Tennyson items include ' The Tribute,' a collection of poems by various authors, 8vo, original cloth, 1837, 8s. Tennyson contributed 110 lines, a portion of which was republished in ' Maud ' in 1855. A collection of over 3,700 plates, hand coloured, forms a complete pictorial history of female costume from 1798 to 1900 inclusive. The Empire costume was introduced into England by Lady Charlotte Campbell, youngest daughter of the 5th Duke of Argyle. Many of the plates contain numerous figures, so that over 11,000 dresses are represented. The collection is in 4 vols., royal folio, three- quarter morocco extra, 281.

Mr. A. Russell Smith's List 67 contains works on America, Old English Literature, Topography, And Family History. We note Rendle's ' Old Southwark,' 1878, 11. Is. ; Halliwell's ' Stratford- upon-Avon in the Tunes of the Shakespeares, '

folio, 1864, 51. 5s. (only 30 copies privately printed) ; and the eleventh edition of Sidney's ' Arcadia,' 1662, 21. 10s. There is a fine clean copy of Taylor the Water Poet's ' Old, Old, Very Old Man,' 1703, 51. 5s. ; and the third edition, with the excessively rare portrait, of the Earl of Sterling's ' The Monarchicke Tragedies,' 1616, red morocco extra by De Coyerley, 211. Another rare book is the original edition of Waller's ' Divine Medita- tions,' 1680, 31. 3s Under America is Mede's ' Diatribse Pars IV.,' 4to, calf, 1652, 11. 5s. This contains Dr. Twiss's letters to Mr. Meade, and his replies as to the first peopling of America by Gog and Magog and the Devil. Other items include ' Antiquarian Repertory,' 4 vols., royal 4to, 1807, 31. 3s. ; Baily's ' The Practice of Pietie,' 1633, 21. 2s. (this copy is from the Isham Library) ; ' English Martyrologie,' by a Catholic Priest (John Watson), 1608, 21. 2s. ; Fletcher's ' Christ's Victorie,' 1632, Ql. 10s. ; and Gilpin's ' Damono- logia Sacra,' 1677, 21. 2s. There are items under Charles I. and II. ; and under James I. is ' Workes, ' published by James (Montagu), Bishop of Win- chester, folio, calf, with the royal arms in gold, 1616, 81. 8s. The verses beneath the portrait have been lately ascribed to Shakespeare, and it may have been issued prior to the book. The traffic problem existed as far back as 1699, for we find from a Proclamation to prevent inter- ruptions by hackney coaches, carts, and drays in King Street and Old Palace Yard, that the Lords and members of Parliament were frequently hindered from going to the House of Parliament, folio, broadside, 7s. Qd.

Mr. Albert Sutton of Manchester has in his Catalogue 169 several first editions of Dickens, including ' David Copperfield,' original cloth, 11. 10s. ; ' Dombey and Son,' 11. 5s. ; and ' Martin Chuzzlewit,' 11. 12s. Qd. Works on Heraldry include Foster's three volumes published at the cost of Lord Howard de Walden, 1904, 11. 10s. Qd. The Athenceum said of these : " By the issue of these great works of reference, Mr. Foster was doing more for the cause of genealogy than the whole College of Heralds." There are works under Ireland and Lancashire. A set of Russell Smith's " Library of Old English Authors," 47 vols., cloth uncut, 1858-70, is Ql. 6s. ; ' The Paston Letters,' 6 vols., printed on pure rag paper, 1904, 21. ; and " The Early English Dramatists," 12 vols., privately printed, 1905-8, Ql. 10s.


WE cannot undertake to answer queries privately, nor can we advise correspondents as to the value of old books and other objects or as to the means of disposing of them.

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CORRIGENDUM. A nte, p. 54, col. 2, 1. 27 for " Shatley " read Shotley.