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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. A, u, im

Margaret Wykeham. He seems to have been slain, while fighting on Edward IV.'s side, at the battle of Barnet in 1471 ; and was certainly survived by his wife Margaret, who, when she died on 20 May, 1477, had another husband, John Hervy, but left as her heir Richard Fiennes, aged six years and more, the son of her son Henry Fiennes, who had predeceased her (Inq. p.m. 17 Edw. IV. No. 45). Three inquisitions "were taken upon her death, and I follow two of them in the above description of her Jieir those taken respectively at Basing- toke, Hants, and at Deddington, Oxford- shire. According to the third, which was taken at Wells, Somerset, the grandson who was her heir was named Henry, and was then aged three years and more. Whether that finding was but a mistake or was due to some -customary heirship (in favour of a younger son) appertaining to lands mentioned in the inquisition, I do not know. But at any Tate Richard Fiennes, as the grandson and heir of Sir William Fynes de Say and Mar- garet his wife, proved in 1495 that he was born at Charlbury, Oxfordshire, on the Friday before Easter, 1471. See the printed ' Calendar Inq. p.m. Hen. VII.' (vol. i.), ~No. 1079. This Richard Fiennes was the

great - great - grandfather of William, first

Viscount Saye and Sele.

I have attempted thus to trace the con- nexion between the family of Fiennes and "William of Wykeham, not only because MB. BAYLEY has called it mythical, but also because in G. E. C.'s ' Peerage,' vii. 66 n. (a), Margaret Wykeham' s paternal grandfather is

said, by a slip that is liable to be repeated,

to be " Sir William Wykeham," whereas he certainly was Sir Thomas. H. C.



<See 10 S. ix. 21, 47, 83, 152, 211, 294, 397,

431; x. 183, 282; xii. 24.)

THE following is the second instalment of my third list of corrections, omissions, and suggestions :

Edwards of Nant (Thomas), known as the -"Cambrian Shakespeare," b. 1738, d. 1810. Wrote several dramas and poems. His portrait, -engraved in stipple, appeared in 1800.

Ellicott (Charles John), Bp. of Gloucester, b. 1819 ; d. 15 Oct., 1905. Chairman for eleven years of the company of Revisers of the New Testament. Author of many works on theology and Biblical criticism besides his great Bible Commentary.

Enfield (William), 1741-97. Add: Wrote in 'Conjunction with Perry the first ' History of -Liverpool,' folio, pub. at Warrington, 1773.

Feilde or Field (John), d. 1588. Add: Trans- lator of Calvin's ' Thirteen Sermons on Free Election,' 1579; 'Four Sermons of matters very profitable,' 1579 ; and ' Prayers on Hosea,' 1583.

Fetherstone or Featherstone (Christopher). Translator of Calvin's commentary on Gospel of St. John, 1584, and Acts of the Apostles, 1585, and of Pope Sixtus V.'s 'British Thunderbolt,' 1586.

Fielding (Thomas). Compiler of ' Select Pro- verbs of All Nations,' 1824.

Fitzsimon (Henry), 1566-1643. Add: Wrote a ' Catholike Confutation of John Rider's Clayme of Antiquitie,' 1608 ; ' Reply to Rider's Rescript,' 1608.

Fleming (Abraham), 1552 P-1607. Add : Author of a * Registre of Hystories. Trans, from ^Elianus,' 1576.

Flower (Sarah), wife of C. E. Flower (q.v. 10 S. x. 185), d. July, 1908. Bequeathed her house and grounds, with about 12,OOOL, to the Shakespeare Memorial at Stratford-on-Avon.

Fludd (Robert), 1574-1637. Add: Author of ' Integrum Morborum Mysterium sive Medicinse Catholics; Tractatus,' 1631. Add " De Fluctibus" to his pen-names.

Foard (James T.), barrister. Author of 1 Moral Dignity of Shakespearian Drama,' 1858 ; ' Life of Francis Bacon,' 1861 ; ' Treatise on the Law of Merchant Shipping and Freight,' 1880 ; ' Genesis of " Hamlet," ' 1889 ; ' Shakespeare's Alleged Forgery of a Coat of Arms,' 1890 ; ' On " Macbeth," ' 1893 ; ' Bacon-Shakespeare Craze,' 1895 ; ' Shakespeare's Probable Connection with Lancashire,' 1896 ; ' Dramatic Dissensions of Jonson, Marston, and Dekker,' 1897 ; ' More Silly Stories about Shakespeare,' 1898 ; ' Shake- speare's Mission. . ^. as Dramatic Poet,' 1898; ' Some Caprices of Criticism,' 1898 ; 'On the Law Case : Shylock v. Antonio,' 1899 ; ' Some Recent Biographies of Shakespeare,' 1900 ; ' Joint Authorship of Marlowe and Shakespeare,' 1900.

Ford (Robert), d. at Glasgow, 1905, in his sixtieth year. Edited ' Robert Fergusson's Poems.' Author of ' Thistledown ' and ' Vaga- bond Songs.'

Foster (Joseph). Edited ' Alumni Oxonienses,' 1887-91.

Fuller (Thomas), 1654-1734, physician. Add : Pro- bably born at Hellingly. He was not born at Rose- hill (as stated by ' D.N.B.') ; that residence only came into the possession of a remote branch of his family half a century later (see pedigree in Berry's ' Sussex Genealogies ') The further remarks of the 'D.N.B.' upon the Fuller family and the iron industry are open to grave question.

GastreU (Rev. Francis), b. 1707(?), d. 1768. Nephew to Francis Gastrell, Bp. of Chester. Purchased in 1752 New Place, Stratford-on- Avon, formerly Shakespeare's property. De- stroyed the house and the poet's mulberry tree in a fit of spleen in 1759, earning thereby a scathing sonnet from the pen of D. G. Rossetti. Stated by Mr. Sidney Lee in error to have been Vicar of Stratford, in his ' Stratford-on-Avon,' 1904, p. 299.

Golding (Arthur), 1536-1605? Add: Trans- lator of Calvin's commen taries upon Daniel, 1570 ; and of his sermons upon Job, 1574 ; Ephesians, 1577 ; and Deuteronomy, 1583.