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COLERIDGE'S LECTURES ON SHAKESPEAR Dykes Campbell, in a foot-note to p. 18 of his ' Life of Coleridge,' states, in referenc to the 1811-12 course of lectures on Shak speare, that " more extended reports of t] first eight lectures, by a Mr. Tomalin, hav recently been discovered, and may yet b published." Can any reader of ' N. & Q inform me as to the whereabouts of thes reports ? J. SHAWCROSS.


1. The iron dop;s, the fuel, and the toncts, The fire-brands, ashes, and the smoke, Do all to righteousness provoke.

2. Monsters of imagination, begotten upon a clone

of Statistics. (This is before 1860.)

RICHARD H. THORNTON. 36, Upper Bedford Place, W.C.

I want to obtain some verses which ar reported to have appeared in a newspape in Australia in 1863-4. The first lines were :

T was the Sabbath day, and the church bells had

ceased, And the time was summer-time.

Two other lines ran as follows : She did not hear what the parson had said, But (iod had been speaking to her instead.

ARTHUR TROWER. >\ iggie, Redhill.



friend told me the other day that he had generally found that a wet summer followed a wet Derby week. Hence he predicted that the ensuing summer would be a wet one.

I should like to know how far this ex- perience accords with that of other meteoro-

logical observers. Torquay.

A. I.


Country Magazine, xvii. 626, there is a

storv of a duel between Miss Roach or Le

Roche afterwards Lady Echlin (see 10 S.

xi .501) and another lady, who is styled

the Fair Hibernian." Again, in The Carlton House Magazine for August 1792

fdX^r^x;^i m i

ago an affair of honour in Hyde Park dJ^P^ 018 ' and afterwards with

^ C O^ L ^ SStt 2 r n fd Th ^ s^cioT S I reference to such an incident in any other contemporary publications ?


EDWARD, DUKE OF YORK, AND Miss FLOOD. In contemporary newspapers it is hinted that there was a liaison between a sister of Henry Flood, the Irish statesman, and Edward, Duke of York, brother of George III., who died in September, 1767. A secret marriage is also suggested. As the matter does not appear to have become notorious, it may be a mere journalistic canard, but I should be glad to know of any reference to the rumour in memoirs of the time. HORACE BLEACKLEY.

MUNRO OF NOVAR. According to ' Leaves from the Note-Books of Lady Dorothy Nevill,' the very fine collection of pictures of Munro of Novar was sold in order to help the Turks, in 1878, by his successor and heir the late Mr. Butler Johnston, M.P. I am trying to trace the present whereabouts of some of the pictures which I know were n the collection, and should be glad to earn where an annotated sale-catalogue can be seen. L. L. K.

HENRY V.'s CORPSE. For the last week or ten days the funeral ceremonies of " such a King Harry " have been daily enacted in our midst. It is interesting to remember, as one thinks of it, that when the original event took place the body of the monarch was all dismembered in the coffin. In

L'Annonce et la Reclame' (p. 45) M.

<Yanklin quotes Juvenal des Ursins (ldit. Michaud, t. ii. p. 567), who records :

"Son corps fut mis

ieces et bouilly en une

)aesle, tenement que fa chair se spara des os.

/eau qui restoit fut jettee en un cimetiere, et les

s avec la chair furent mis en un coffre de plomb

vec plusieurs especes d'espices, de drogues

doriferantes et choses sentant bon."

I should like to know what the MS. Coll. 4rms 1st M. 14, /. 29, from which there is

n excerpt in the ' English Church Pageant.

andbook ' (p. 91), says of the embalming.

Henry V. died at Vincennes in 1422.


REV. JONATHAN CLAPHAM. Jonathan ^lapham was instituted Rector of Wramp- ingham by the King in 1660. Previously he had published three works : a sermon ; a vindication of psalm-singing, " with rules to direct weak Christians how to sing to

edification " ; and a ' Discovery of the

Damnable Doctrines of the Quakers.' Little else is known of him. I should be glad of any information bearing on his parentage and history.

Was he the same Jonathan Clapham who in 1684 published a sermon ' Christian Obedi- ence Recommended ' ? ' Obedience to Magis-