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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn, AUG. u, im

Club, though of course there are multi- A manuscript note in my copy of ' The

tudinous references to its genesis in various Jockey Club ' identifies " Sir F. E n " as

works on racing. No turf historian or " Sir Fredk. Eden." W. H. DAVID. commentator has hitherto been able to

ascertain the exact date when this famous mi EssEX FAT ^ TO WOMEN (10 S. xii. 90).

corporate racing association first sprang into The parts of Essex referred to are the low-

being. It is known, however, that it owes tyg districts around Corrmgham, Fobbing,

its origin to the reign of George II. The & c - * n ? there is no doubt considerably

first official record of the Club is in ' Heber's foundation for the statement, which is still

Racing Calendar ' for 1758, wherein mention current in those districts. It appears that

is made of a regulation for the purpose of the men brought their wives from the up-

compelling riders to enter the scales and be Mf-nds, wh o bein accustomed to fresh,

weighed after a race a rule which is signed <?ry air, seldom lived above a year or two by Lord March, afterwards Duke of Queens- m their . new homes, owing to the fogs and berry, and by several other noblemen and damps inducing ague &c It is mentioned gentlemen. .The head-quarters of the Club *h so . me feted in 'A Tour through the were from the first established at Newmarket, Whole J^ nd of G * ^ritem, b ^ a ^ entle " and its members were themselves jockeys, man > 17 . 2 f PP- 14 -\f: This gentleman and donned silk and buckskin breeches to W 5f -Daniel Defoe. WILLIAM GILBERT. figure in the saddle. Gradually the Club Walthamstow. was extended in order to admit other It was Daniel Defoe who first started the members of high rank and position, who were story that the marshes near the coast were owners of race-horses, but many of whom malarial, and consequently the men had were too heavy to ride themselves. We quite a succession of wives. But Defoe, cannot be far out in assuming that the Club though copied by other writers, was hardly was instituted in or about 1753, for a good a reliable witness ; in his works truth and deal of evidence was adduced in an action fiction were so mixed that he cannot be for trespass brought by the Duke of Portland quoted with safety. The registers of deaths against a Mr. Hawkins at the Cambridge in the marsh parishes to which he alludes assizes in 1827, to show that the heath at do not bear out his assertions. Newmarket became the property of the W. W. GLENNY.

Turf Senate in 1753. The jury were thereby Barking, Essex.

satisfied as to the trespass and gave the This idea seemg t have originate d from Duke a verdict with one shilling dam ag e S * ^^

From that day to this no one has disputed ^ ,, storie ' g duri hig tour

th t/r? V * ? tl ^ tr 4f"

passers or objectionable persons off the m th recentl pub li s hed ' London's Forest,*

heath at Newmarket. This is practically L p T all that there is to be said about the history by > . b *

t> <>40 G H W

' P ' ~ *

of the Club.


I have never heard that any part of Essex is less healthy for women than for men,

Sir Frederick Evelyn, Bt., of Wotton, but it is no doubt true that the marsh Surrey, was a member of the Jockey Club, parishes in the eastern and southern parts and is probably the person referred to in of the county are, even now, when improved the query. He died without issue 1 April, methods of drainage are in general use, 1812, and was succeeded by his cousin not favourable to good health in those who John Evelyn (see Gent. Mag., vol. Ixxxii. are unacclimatized. In old days Canvey p. 397, and G. E. C.'s * Complete Baronetage,' Island had an unenviable reputation in this vol. v. p. 17). respect, and this is referred to by the late

There does not appear to be any modern Mr - Philip Benton of Wakering Hall in his history of the Jockey Club, but one of the ' History of Rochford Hundred ' (p. 81). Pall Mall Gazette " Extras " (No. 38 for F - s - EDEN.

1888) may be of interest. It is entitled

  • Jockeys and their Masters ; or The

Sherrard Stables and the Jockey Club,' and contains an account of the malpractices on the turf charged by Lord Durham against DORCHESTER : BIRRELL'S ENGRAVING (10 Sir Geo. 6hetwynd. ' S. xii. 89). The engraving inquired for

F. M. R. HOLWORTHY. occurs in vol. ii. of ' The History and Anti- Broraley, Kent. quities of the County of Dorset,' by John

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