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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. XH. SEPT. 4, 1909.

2. (Broken, half the stone gone.) Butler drowned 1823.

3. Ralph, s. of the late Ralph Sneyd, of Abbot's Bromley, Esq., and of Mary, d. of the late George Cooke Yarborough, of Strutt Horpe [sic], Yorks, Esq., ob. 11 July, 1823, a. 20.

4. Lady Barrington, wid. of Jonah Barrington, K.G., ob. 31 Aug., 1839, a. 72.

5. Emma, d. of William and Harriet Parry, of Montagu Sq., London, ob. at Secheron, 9 June, 1825, a. 10 yrs. 6 mths.

6. " Minnie," nee Mary Aulick Stout, d. of Lieut. Edward C. Stout, U.S.N. (lost on the Levant, U.S.S., in 1861), and of Julia Aulick, his w., w. of Enrico Eduardo Guerriero, b. 2 Nov., 1853, at New London, Conn. ; ob. 21 July, 1903, at Geneva.

7. Louisa Susanna Siordet, b. at London, 13 May, 1803 ; ob. at Chambesy, 27 April, 1839. Mother of six children, three already dead. (In French.)

8. Rodon, inf. s. of Samuel and Frances Jane

Bomford, ob. 5 May, 1842.

9. Caroline, d. of Robt. and Caroline Smith, b. in London, 27 Oct., 17(98 ?) ; ob. at Secheron,

March, 1816.

10. Charlotte Augusta Caroline, only d. of Charles and Lady Charlotte Lemon, ob. at Aix,

Savoy, 20 May, 1825, a. 10.

11. John Turnbull, Esq., of London, ob. 8 Aug., 1816, at Secheron, a. 77. An affec. husb. and f. (This and the following are loose .headstones without tomb. )

12. Beside the near relation of her mother is laid Adelaide Sophia, ch. of Ernest Augustus Edgcumbe and Caroline Augusta Feilding, Viscount and Viscountess Valletort, b. 20 July, .ob. 28 Sept., 1834.

13. A large altar -tomb overgrown with ivy. A text only legible.

14. The Right Hon. Caroline Mary Greville, -d. of the late and sister of the present Earl Brooke .and Earl of Warwick, ob. at Geneva, 26 May,

1844, a. 58.

15. George (Rari ?) Shakespear, Esq., of the E.I.Co.'s Civil Service, ob. 24 Oct., 1844, a. 34.

16. Lieut.-General Henry L. L. Eustace, of Corbally, Queen's Co., Ireland, ob. at Chatelaine, .5 Oct., 1844, a. 68.

17. Esther Jane, w. of N. A. Travis, M.D., of Nice, third d. of the Rev. James Dalton, M.A., Rector of Croft, ob. 16 Oct., 1865, a. 58.

18. John Ramsay, Esq., of Kinkell, Fife, ob. at Geneva, 10 Aug., 1843, a. 79

19. The Hon. Helen Anne Mackenzie, wid. of Joshua Henry Mackenzie, one of the Senators

-of the College of Justice in Scotland, d. of Francis, last Lord Seaforth, b. at Braham Castle, Ross-

-shire, 1 June, 1798 ; ob. at Geneva, 27 May, 1866.

20. Eliza Maria, w. of Benjamin Hutt, Esq., late of the Bombay Civil Service, ob. at Geneva, 10 July, 1878, a. 73.

21. Margaret Hungerford, w. of William Grey, of the Bengal Civil Service, ob. at Geneva, 30 Nov., 1882.

22. Alice M. Morton, b. 19 Nov., 1805 ; ob. 17 March, 1898.

23. Ralph Sadler, Canon of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, 54 yrs. Rector of Castleknock and Clonsilla, ob. at Geneva, 28 Sept., 1902,

.a. 87.

COTE DROIT. Nos. 337-699. Beg inning at the end furthest from the entrance.

24. Walter Savage Landor, b. in Florence, 13 Nov., 1822 ; ob. in Geneva, 9 March, 1899.

25. C.P. 1823-1899. P.P. 1816-1898.

26. Frances Eliz. Edye, wid. of John Edye, Esq., of Exeter, b. at Colchester, 23 Jan., 1810 ; ob. at Geneva, 6 July, 1894.

27. George Cramer, 1860-1904.

28. Francis Henry, youngest s. of Francis Lucas, Esq., of Hitchin, Herts, b. 11 Oct., 1854 ; ob. 6 Oct., 1872.

29. Ethel Frances Parry, d. of George Frederick Parry, ob. 26 Aug., 1872, a. 26.

30. Thomas Sydenham, Esq., ob. at Geneva, 28 Aug., 1816 ; b. 5 Dec., 1780.

31. Jane Caroline, wid. of Col. Pauli, b. at Genoa, 9 Sept., 1796 ; ob. 6 Aug., 1856. (In same enclosure.) Rose Marie de la Rue, nee Heath, b. at Genoa, 5 Aug., 1793 ; ob. at P. S., 10 Aug., 1868. (In French. ) David Julien de la Rue, b. at Genoa, 3 Jan., 1798 ; ob. at Paris, 15 May, 1876. (In French.)

32. Charles M. Lullin, Esq., b. 14 June, 1777 ; ob. 1 Feb., 1856.

33. (A loose marble headstone.) Daniel Howard, of N. York, ob. at Geneva, 29 March, 1871, a 69.

34. Lidia, w. of Bartholomew Huber (a native of Schaffhausen, Switz., naturalized British subject by act of Parliament), d. of Samuel Strutt, Esq., of Old Palace Yard, Westr., Deputy Clerk to the House of Lords, and of Mary Ellison, his w., ob. 13 April, 1832, in the 52nd year of her marriage. Barthelemy Huber, b. 11 Jan., 1748; ob. 18 April,

35! Hamilton Burnett, Lieut, in H.M. 17th Regt., ob. 17 Oct., 1868, a. 28.

G. S. PAKKY, Lieut. -Col. 18, Hyde Gardens, Eastbourne.

THE FOURTH ESTATE. (See 1 S. xi. 384, 452; 5 S. ix. 167, 213, 277, 378; 6 S. iv. 428; v. 16; 8 S. vii. 148, 290, 390.) The query put by J. J. L. at the first reference in 1855, and repeated almost in the same terms by POLITICIAN forty years later (8 S. vii. 148), as to when and by whom the term " the fourth estate " was first applied to the British newspaper press, remains unan- swered with precision, as far as correspondents of ' N. & Q.' are concerned, though Burke, as indicated by Carlyle, is generally accepted by them as the author. But its earlier use in another sense is deserving of note, for I find in The Observator of 10-13 Nov., 1703, a special section devoted to "the Country -mans Enquiry into the Fourth Estate of Parliament." This denounced the theory that the sovereign was a Fourth Estate of the Realm, which had also been combated in a pamphlet by Sir Humphry Mackworth, M.P., who in an epistle to Queen Anne had said :

" Your Majesty, and the Three Estates of the Realm, who are all Members of the National Church, do constitute the Body Politick of this