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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. SEPT. is, 1909.

At either end of the screen, north and south, are canopied niches ; and along the top runs a battlemented parapet. Imme- diately over the doorway is a carved repre- sentation of a church with a central tower and spire. No steeple existed at Christ- church in 1529, but it has been thought that this may be a copy of some then existing representation of the building as it appeared in former times. Within the chantry, on the south wall, is a very beautiful piscina, the finest in the church.

John Draper was installed Prior, succeed- ing William Eyre, on 31 Jan., 1521 ; took the B.D. degree at Oxford 21 March, 1521/2 ; was one of the King's chaplains ; Vicar of Piddletown in 1535, and Rector of Ewerne Courtney, Dorset, in 1536, both livings being in the gift of the Priory. Christchurch was a wealthy house of 550/. a year ; and the Prior had a country house at Heron Court (now the Earl of Malmes- bury's), a grange at Somerford, and another at St. Austin's, near Lymington.

At the surrender of the Priory on 28 Nov., 1539, the Prior and the other eighteen Austin Canons were provided for, Draper himself receiving the large pension of 133?. 6s. 8d., and the use of Somerford Grange for life rent-free. This house was in the possession of the Goldwyer family from before 1596 until 1757 or thereabouts. The Chapter of Winchester Cathedral was refounded by Henry VIII. on 28 March, 1541, when Draper was appointed fourth of the original twelve prebendaries by Bishop Stephen Gardiner, whose suffragan he was. Unless a note I have greatly errs, he enjoyed a income of 401. and 311. Us. 8d. from these two offices respectively. He died in 1552.

The following abstract of his will I owe to the courtesy of Mr. G. F. T. Sherwood. I give it with a few notes added in brackets. John Draper, clerk, of Twynham, Hants, made his will on 6 June, 1549 ; and it was proved in London by James Tryme on 3 Feb., 1552/3 (P.C.C. 3 Tashe).

" In Dei Nomine, Amen. I, John Draper, clerk, of hole mynde and good remembrance, &c. My body to be buryed in the parysh churche of Christes Churche, Twynham, before the quere [choir] door there, at the hedd of hym that was fyrst Prior there [Reginald, appointed 1150]. Imprimis, I give unto Christes church my best and largest Coverlet of Crewell to lye before the high aulter in the high days. To poore people in Christs churche iii" iiii d every weke during three yeres. Item, I gyve to the childerne of William Croke and Christian his wiffe Lx angells of gold. To John Leven xxvi 8 viii d and a gilt spone. To William Stone of Pyddelton and to Elizabeth his wif all my stuffe and oedding that ys at the vicarege at Pyddelton, the best fether-

bedd to Alice their daughter. [One John Stone,, elected Canon of Christchurch, was pensioned at 61. per ann.] Item, 1 gyve to Martin Harbor tenne poundes when he corneth tolaw full age', all my bokes, &c., blankets and coverlets which is at Mawdlyn [evidently the Magdalen Hospital at Winchester]. To Johane Wynne xxvi 8 viii d . To James Tryme xxvi 8 viii d . [One William Tryme was an original chorister of Winchester, 1541. Each chorister was paid 66-9. 8d.] To Edward Uphill, Thomas Waller, William Morgan, Gilbert Mather.. Thomas Stone, Thomas Frank, William Walter, and to Johane the daughter ot William Philipp, and servant of John Trycker, to her marriage [sundry small bequests]. Item, I gyve all my paving tyle which is at the house of Bere to the paying of the churche of Christ Churche. To William Egerton a gilt spone [William Egerton was; one of the twelve poor men, decayed in the King's wars or service, who were to be paid 61. 13*. 4d. at Winchester in 1541]. To Mr. Doctor Steward, of Wynchester one gilt salt wyth the cover. [Edmund Steward, LL.D., was the first Canon nominated by the King. Made Dean by Queen Mary in 1554, he was deprived in 1559 for refusing the oath of supremacy.] To the poore brethern and susterne of Mawdlyn viiiv To Hugh Cooke xx 8 . [One Thomas Cqoke, an ejected Canon of Christchurch, was pensioned at 6/.] To the parishe churche of Brixton a corporas clothe of gold. To every prebendary of the Cathedrall churche of Winchester being there resident vi s viii d . [There were eleven besides Draper. ] To every pety canon in" iiii d . [There were twelve.] To every vicar ii . [There were twelve.] To every chorister xii d . [There were ten.] To the foure bellryngers ii" viii d . [Only two are mentioned in ' The Book of Portions.'} The residue of my goods, &c., I gyve to Jamys Tryme and to Sir Walter Churche [Walter Churche, an ejected Canon of Christchurch, was pensioned at 6.], whom I ordeyne and make my faythfull executors for the welth of my soule. Theis being wittnes, Sir Thomas Fygg [one of the Winchester- Petty Canons receiving 1QJ. a year], Sir Edward Williamson, and John Charnock, with other."

I shall be much obliged for any further information concerning Draper. Was he akin to his penultimate predecessor at Christchurch, Prior John Draper I. (1477 1502) ? A. R. BAYLEY.

St. Margaret's, Malverri.


(See ante, p. 41.)

PAYMENTS to itinerant minstrels, waits, and players visiting Newcastle-upon-Tyne during the sixteenth and seventeenth cen- turies, are entered in the corporation accounts of that borough. A selection of extracts from those accounts was made by a local antiquary in the latter half of the eighteenth century, and from that selection, of which only 100 copies were printed, the following items are taken. It should be emembered that municipal years began at