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MR. RICHARD CAMERON of Edinburgh has in his Catalogue 226, as usual, many Scottish items. These include a nearly complete set of Archceologia IScotica with Smellie s historical account, 1792- 1876, 5 vols., 21. 15s. Under Arctic is the weekly periodical issued during Capt. Parry's expedition, Nov. 1, 1819, to March 20, 1820, presentation copy from Capt. Parry, 5s. Qd. Under Burns is Pickering's Aldine edition, 3 vols., 1839, 1Z. 5s. Other works are Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, 12 vols. hi 6, 1832-44, 16s. ; Chalmers's ' Cale- donia,' 7 vols., 4to, 31. 15s. ; Jamieson's Diction- ary, 5 vols., 4to, 1879-87, 4Z. 5s. ; and Hugh Miller's Poems, 1839, 8s. Qd. A copy of the first edition of ' Bob Boy,' 3 vols., 1818, is 31. 10s. ; and Smith's ' Catalogue BaisonneY 9 vols., 8vo, 51. as. There is a copy of The Owl, weekly journal, February to July, 1865, for 2s. Qd. ; and a collec- tion of Scottish trials.

Mr. George Gregory's Bath Catalogue 189-190 contains a good general assortment of books at low prices, also a number of the Parker Society's publications. Among other entries we find works -on voyages and travels, to which Mr. Gregory devotes in his establishment a special room. Among general literature we may mention the Edition de Luxe of Matthew Arnold's Works, Ql. ; Balzac's ' Comedie Humaine,' edited by Saintsbury, 40 vols., 51. 5s. ; Journal of the Ex-Libris Society, 11 vols., 4to, Ql. 6s. ; Brown's ' Britannia's Pastorals,' 2 vols in 1, small folio, crushed dark-green levant by Biviere, first edition, 1613-16, 211. ; and Campbell's ' Vitruvius Britannicus,' 5 vols., royal folio, 1715-71, 101. There is a choice copy of Boberts's ' Holy Land,' -each drawing hand-coloured, the six volumes in purple levant, in a specially made Chippendale case, 42Z. Under Cruikshank is a complete set of his " Fairy Library," 201. Under Walpole is a rare collection of separate pieces by him and others printed at Strawberry Hill, 1764-79, 201. 'There is a handsome copy of Lavater, 5 vols., Imp. 4to, whole russia, 1810, 51. 5s. Under Lever is the Copyright Edition, with the original plates, 37 vols., 1897-9, scarce, 14Z. Those interested in the old city of Bristol will find a collection of water-colour drawings.

Mr. G. A. Poynder's Reading Catalogue 50 con- "tains works under Africa, Alpine, America, Architecture and Art. Under Botany will be found a selection of Alpine plants from the original issue of Sowerby's ' Botany,' totally uncut, 4/. 17*. Qd. Works on Cornwall include a fine

burn, no date, 11. 11s. 0(1. There is a curious old <book, Reynolds's 'Triumphs of God's Revenge,' 1635, 21. 2*. Under Froissart is a fine copy, 1844, 4/. Under Goldsmith is the third edition of 'The Vicar of Wakefield,' 2 vols., Newbery, 1766, -31. 17*. Qd. Other works include a sound clean copy of Lysons's 'Magna Britannia,' 6 vols., 4to, half-russia, uncut, 1806-22, 51. ; the original Kneb- worth edition of Lytton, 36 vols., 31. 5s. ; Hill's ' Organs of the Middle Ages,' 11. 15s. ; 'The Works of the Earls of Rochester, Roscommon, and Dorset,' -with the cancelled poems, 1739, 51. 5s. (by error of ^the binder the portrait of Buckhurst has been

duplicated in place of Rochester and Buckhurst) ; and 'The Faerie Queene,' edited by Wise, illus- trations by Crane, 6 vols., 4to, 4/. 4s.

Messrs. James Rimell & Son's Catalogue 216 is devoted to Books on Art. There are altogether thirteen hundred items. Catalogues of Collections and Exhibitions include a complete set of the Royal Academy Catalogues from the excessively rare first number in 1769 to 1900, bound in 13 vols. , half-morocco, 101. Among works on Costume are Hull's ' British Army ' and Gauci's ' British Navy,' 1 vol., folio, half-bound, 1829, 10W. ; and Plariche's 'Encyclopaedia,' very scarce, 2 vols., 4to, half- morocco, Ql. Other works are Lacombe's ' Florence Gallery,' 4 vols. in 2, and supplemental volume, Paris, 1789-1807, 131. 13s. ; ' Goupil Gallery,' 12 folio volumes, half blue morocco, 8^. Ss. ; ' Musee Fran- cais,' 7 vols., atlas folio, 14. 1 4s. ; and ' The Wallace Collection,' by A. G. Temple, 10 parts, folio, 181. 18*. Under Turner we find the largest-paper copy of ' Picturesque Views in England and Wales,' proofs before letters, and a duplicate set of the original etchings, except that of ' The Straits of Dover,' of which only three are said, to have been printed, imperial folio, full morocco, very scarce, 1832, 281. Under Boydell is the collection of 100 plates to illustrate Shakespeare, 2 vols. in 1, imperial folio, full crimson morocco, Boydell, 1803,212. ; and under Rowlandsqn are a copy of * Cries of London, 3 from the collection of Joseph Grego, 51. 15s. Qd. ; ' Micro- cosm of London,' 3 vols., 4to, morocco, 1808, 20/. ; and ' Tours of Dr. Syntax,' 3 vols., new morocco, 1812-21, 151.

Messrs. Simmons & Waters of Leamington Spa send two catalogues. No. 234 contains Topo- graphical and Antiquarian Books relating to the British Isles. The arrangement of the items under counties makes reference easy. Catalogue 235 is devoted to Numismatic Books. Among these are Atkins's 'Middlesex Tokens of the Eighteenth Century,' interleaved with additions in MS. and notes and cuttings from contemporary newspapers, together 3 vols., half-morocco by Riviere, 1892, 167. 16s. ; ' Virtuoso's Companion and Coin Collec- tor's Guide,' 1795-7, 8 vols. in 1, 21. 17*. Qd. ; and 'British Numismatic Journal and Proceedings of the Numismatic Society,' 4 vols., 4to, 31. 3s.

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EMERITUS and W. G. RICHARDS. Forwarded. CORRIGENDUM -10 S. xi. 518, col. 1, 1. 4, for ' Holy hard ' read Hold hard.