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10 s. xii. SEPT. 25, im] NOTES AND QUERIES.


for rheumatism," as, after all, that ailment was only a form of poisoning. It would be interesting to learn (1) if there is any well- authenticated case of such a cure, and (2) the particular locality in which such a belief is really known to exist.

W. E. HARLAND-OXLEY. Westminster.

ARMS OF SAFFRON WALDEN ABBEY AND LAUNDE PRIORY. In the course of my reading I have met with the following coat of arms, Azure, on a bend argent, between two cotises and as many mullets or, three escallops gules, as that borne by the Benedictine Abbey of (Saffron) Walden, Essex, and also by the Augustinian Priory of Landa or Launde, Leicestershire. I shall feel indebted to any correspondent who can inform me whose arms they are, and why they should be attributed to these two religious houses. GEORGE MATTHEWS.

Homedale, Wetherill Road, Muswell Hill, N.

JAMES IV. OF SCOTLAND. Can you inform me what became of the body of James IV. of Scotland ? Scott says that, after being tossed about at Sheen, the embalmed body of the king was buried in " St. Michael's, Wood Street " (London ?).

St. Michael's, Wood Street, has ceased to exist, having been pulled down a few years since. HILDYARD ROGERS.

Royal United Service Institution, Whitehall.

QUEEN ELIZABETH AND THE BISHOP OF ELY. Perhaps some of your readers will kindly tell me on what authority and evi- dence Bishop Creighton in his ' Life of Queen Elizabeth,' p. 263, states that her letter to the Bishop of Ely, Heaton, was an V amusing forgery." I find the letter spoken of in the 'Book of the Court,' by W. J. Thorns, as authentic, and on the face of it, it would seem so. The following is what Mr. Thorns says about it, and the copy which he gives :

" The celebrated letter of Elizabeth to the Bishop of Ely is too characteristic of the writer and of her notions of the prerogative to be omitted. It is in these words : Proud Prelate,

I understand you are backward in complying with your agreement ; but I would have you know that I, who made you what you are, can unmake you, and if you do not forthwith fulfil your engagement, by God I will immediately unfrock you !

Yours as you demean yourself,


The letter is also given in the same terms, as taken from the Register of Ely, in * The Annual Register,' 1761, under the heading of ' Characters,' p. 15. R. HILL JULIAN.

SPANISH ARMADA : SHIPS WRECKED OFF AYRSHIRE. Can any of your readers tell me of a likely source of information concern- ing the name of a Spanish ship wrecked off the coast of Ayrshire, one of whose guns lies on the rocks at Portencross, a few miles from Ardrossan ? WYKEHAM.

THE HAWK AND THE EAGLE. Which of the elder dramatists tells a story of a hawk that, having killed an eagle in the presence of a king and his Court, was solemnly crowned with a diadem, as a recognition of his bravery, but was then killed for having risen against his lawful lord the eagle ?


FURNESS ABBEY. In the ' Furness Coucher Book,' Part III. pp. 652-3, in an arrangement between the Abbey and the Archbishop of York, appears the clause : - " ordinavimus, viz., quod totam ecclesiam de Dalton, cum capellis et omnibus pert., salvo jure Willelmi tune Vicarii, et post ipsius decessum vicariam XV. marcarum, item totam ecclesiam de Ursewik, cum capellis et omnibus pert., salva capella sicut fuit

dictis AbbatietConv. usibus propriis retinendas


This deed is dated MCCXXVIII. Any ex- planation of the phrase " salva capella sicufc fuit," either through ' N. & Q.' or privately, will oblige. Is there any connexion between the excepted chapel and the undated grant (generally assumed to be A.D. 13) of a chantry to the chapel of Bolton ? See ' Coucher Book,' Part I. p. 96.


Urswick Vicarage, near Ulverston.

" PERTESEN." Can any of your readers explain the meaning of the word " pertesen " ? The following extract from the Surtees Society's Proceedings, vol. xxxviii. ('Wills and Inventories,' vol. ii., 1868, p. 256), show the word in use :

" John Selby, of Twhisell, in the County Palla- tine of Durrisme, knyght, by his will of Nov. 17th,

1595, leaves to Mr. Mushanes my pertesen."


The Athenaeum, Liverpool.

MONRO : LIVINGSTONE : PRIMROSE. The Rev. George Monro, Chancellor of Ross, who died about 1630, aged 80 or little less, married a lady named Livingstone. His son the Rev. George Monro of Pitlundie, member of the General Assembly of 1639, who died in April, 1642, married Mary Primrose. I shall be much obliged if any one can tell me the parentage of either or both of these ladies. A. R. BAYLEY.

St. Margarets, Malvern.