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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. SEPT. 25, 1909.


new 61. oS. ; nuwaiu o/inj. vyi..^M . iu ^ -.-,

SnTcopy, 15 vols., 1QZ. 10*.; Yorke's 'Heraldry folio, sound old calf, 1640, 3*. 10s. ; a complete set of the " Saga Library," 6 vols., uncut, 2l.2s, ; Waagen s -Art Treasures,' 3 vols., 20*.; Miss Berry s

  • Journals,' 3 vols., half-morocco, 21. 9s. ; first

editions of Sorrow's 'Bible in Spain' and ' Lavengro ; the Centenary Edition of Carlyle, 30 vols., large muer Ql 15s. ; Freeman's ' Norman Conquest, nS. fast editions, Oxford, 1867-79, 61. ; and Mark Pattison's ' Isaac Casaubon, 1875, 10s. Ihe Edition de Luxe of Jesse's Historical Memoirs, 30 vols., 1901, is 91. 9s. Under Kinglake is the large-type edition of ' The Invasion of the Crimea, -8 vols.; 21. 5s. ; under Lelandthe ' Itinerary ' 9 vols., 8vo, calf, 1745, 42. 15s. ; and under Morland one of 175 copies of the Life by Dawe, 4to half-vellum M 15,9 There is a fine copy of Gould's 'Birds of Great Britain,' 5 vols., imp. folio, red morocco gilt. 1873, 60Z. Under Ruskin is a set of best editions of 'Modern Painters,' 1848-60, 5 vols., full tree calf by Hiviere, W. 10s.

Mr Alexander W. Macphail's Edinburgh Cata- logue XCX. (we are uncertain as to the number intended) contains much of interest relating to Burns and Scott. There is an original Mb. of Burns. Johnson of 'The Scots Musical Museum sent Burns a sheet of music to be used by the poet for a song with the title "One night I dream id I Hay most easy." Burns drew his pen through this, and wrote in its place the first line of his own song "Idream'd I lay where flowers were springing. The size of the document is 9iin. by 6 in., and the T)rice 101. This MS. is referred to m 'The Songs of fcurns,' edited by J. C. Dick, 1903, p. 47o The song^ was originally published in Johnson s Museum, 1788 No. 146. The Scott items include the rare iirst edition of l Guy Mannering, with the six double bastard titles, the 3 vols. bound in crimson levant by Riviere, 111. Us. Mr. Macphail states that copies have been steadily rising in price, and have brought from 801. to 1201. in boards in London. There are Lists under Ballads, Engravings, Fife, Glasgow, and Highlands. There is. also a good general book list, besides some bric-k-brac and miniatures.

Messrs. Myers & Co. send two Catalogues, Nos. 149 and 150. The former contains under Japan Kaempfer's ' History,' 2 vols., folio, 1727, XI 10s. Under Kent is a rare map on 25 sheets 'by Andrews and others, 1769, 51. Is. Qd. Among Vorks on the stage is Wilkes's ' View,' 1759, 51. 5s. ; and there is a collection of dramatic pamphlets, -In 1 vol., II. 12s. Qd. Under Bibliography is Petherick's ' York Gate Library Catalogue, -which is an index to the literature of geography, 1886 II Is. Under Illuminated Plates is Audrey's ' Sermon on the Mount,' 1861, 21. 2s. Under Isle of Wight is Worsley's ' History, 4to, 1781 21 7s Qd. Among works on London is Diprose's ' St. Clement Danes,' 11. Is. Qd. There are items und^r Buskin. A copy of Loggan s -' Oxonia Depicta,' 40 fine views, brilliant impres- sions, folio, old calf, 1675, is HZ. 5s.; and an .early school-book, ' A Short Introduction to Grammar,' with the woodcut of boys stealing .apples from an orchard, 1744, 12mo, vellum,

12s. Qd. Other works include Owen's ' Welsh Stone Crosses,' 21. 2s. ; and Noel Humphreys's ' Art of Printing,' a fine copy, 3/. 3s.

Catalogue 150 is devoted to Coloured and other Engravings. These include Basire's ' Procession of Edward VI. from the Tower to Westminster,' Dayes's ' Grosvenor Square in 1789,' and Hogarth's ' March of the Guards to Finchley.' There are views of Kanelagh and Vauxhall in 1751 ; maps by John Senex and others from 1610 to 1740 ; and many other views and portraits.

Messrs. W. N. Pitcher & Co.'s Manchester Catalogue 174 contains under Arctic Nansen's Farthest North,' 10s. Under Beaconsfield is the first edition of ' Endymion ' for 4s. Under Birket Foster is H. M. Cundall's book, 11. Is. Under Caldecott is Evans's complete collection of his pictures and songs, 3Z. 15s. Under Furniture is Sheraton's ' Cabinet-Maker,' original edition, 1793, 8Z. 10s. Under Heraldry is the best edition of Guillim, folio, calf, 1724, 4Z. 10s. Under Pottery is Havard's ' Histoire de la Faience de Delft,' Paris, 1878, 4Z. 4*. Under Walton and Cotton is the Lea and Dove edition. of ' The Corn- pleat Angler,' 2 vols., royal 4to, 1888, 31. 3s. Other works include De Morgan's ' Budget of Paradoxes,' 1872, 21. 5s. ; a Cruikshank collection, 1Z. 7s. ; Hartshorne's ' Old English Glasses,' 1Z. 18s. ; Payne Knight's ' Worship of Priapus,' 1865 (only a limited number printed), 3Z. 10s. ; and Montalembert's ' Monks of the West,' 7 vols., 1861-79, 3Z. 3s. There are sets of Lever, Richard Jefferies, and Why te -Melville, and a collection of musical works.

Messrs. Seers & Smith's Catalogue 92, in addition to books, contains portraits of Lady Hamilton, Madame Rcamier, Darnley, Miss Foote, Mrs. Carter, the Duchess of Devonshire, Queen Caroline, and others. There are also views of St. Paul's, 1794 ; Tunbridge Wells, 1840 ; Simla, eigh- teen views, 1846 ; Lisbon, 1809 ; and others.

[Reviews of other Catalog ues held over.]

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CORRIGENDA. P. 233, col. 2, 1. 17, for " L. T. Evans" read E. T. Evans. Ib., 1. 9 from bottom, for "calendar of feet of fines" read 'Calendar of Feet of Fines.' P. 236, col. 2, L 21 from bottom, for " Ghisclin " read " Ghiselin."