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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xii. OCT. IG, im


IN noticing Mr. William Glaisher's List of Remainders 867 we put first in parentheses the published price, followed by the amount at which the books are now offered : Abbott's ' St. Thomas of Canterbury' (11. 4s.), 4s. Qd. ; Armitage- Smith's 4 John of Gaunt' (18s. ), 7s. Qd. ; Prof. Blackie's ' Horse Hellenics ' (12.J, 2s. 3d.; also his 'Wise Men of Greece ' (9*.), Is. 9d. ; Cassell's 'Boer War' (II. Is.), 6s. Qd. ; Hennessy's ' London Diocesan Clergy Suc- cession ' (31. 3s.), 4s. Qd. ; MacMichael's 'Story of Charing Cross' (7s. 6d.), 3s.; Nares's 'Seamanship' (II. Is.), 4s. ; Garnier's ' History of the English Landed Interest' (II. Is.), 6s.; and McCarthy's ' Gladstone' (7s. Qd.), 2s. Qd. There are several of John Davidson's works.

Mr. George P. Johnston sends from Edinburgh his Catalogue 91, containing many curious and rare books. There are pamphlets relating to the Darien expedition, besides John Scott's ' Bibliography of Documents and Books relating to the Company,' with the additions by Johnston, only twenty copies printed, 31. 18s. There are tracts by Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun. Books on Mary, Queen of Scots, include the curious work (according to Brunet printed at Paris, and generally attributed to Frangois de Belief orest) entitled " L'Innocence de la tresillvstre, tres-chaste, et debonnaire Princesse, Madame Marie, Royne d'Escosse. Imprim 1'an 1572," red morocco, 11. Is. Scott in his 'Biblio- graphy ' suggests that if Belleforest had any hand in the work, it was only as editor or translator. A complete set of the works issued by the Spalding Club, 1841-71, 36 vols. 4to and 2 vols. folio, is 181. There are contemporary pamphlets relating to the Union. A complete set of the Transactions of the Bibliographical Society to 1907 is 101. Works on ^the history and art of printing include ' Proposals for printing by Subscription a correct Edition of '"C. Crispi Salusti Opera omnia quse extant " from the most beautiful small Types done by Plates in the Manner lately invented by William Ged, Gold- smith in Edinburgh, June 30, 1736,' 31. 3s. This is the only copy known. There is also Freyling- hausen's ' Abstract of the Doctrine of the Christian Religion,' 1804, II. 5s. (the first book stereotyped by Earl Stanhope's process). Prefixed are the four '" Standing Rules of the Stereotype Office ": "No- thing is to be printed against Religion"; "Every- thing is to be avoided on the subject of Politics, which is offensive to any Party" ; " The Characters -of Individuals are not to be attacked " ; " Every work is to be composed with beautiful types."

Mr. W. M. Murphy's Liverpool Catalogue 148 contains under Costume the scarce first edition of Chery's ' Recherches sur les Costumes,' Paris, 1790, 8/. 8s. The first folio edition of 'The Faerie Queene,' 1609, is 61. 10*. This copy contains the scarce extra 14 pages at end, after the printer's device. Works under Arctic include Tyson, Kane, Parry, and Ross. There is a good copy of the Breeches Bible, 1602, 21. 5s. The first edition of ' Lavengro,' 1851, is 21. 2s. Under Chartist Move- ment is Gammage's ' History, 1837-54,' limited to .500 copies, 1894, Is. 6d. There are lists under Entomology, Ireland, and Isle of Man ; and some first editions of Lever. Under Peace Convention is * The Proceedings of the First General Peace Convention,' held in London in June, 1843, 4s. 6d. Under Rowlandson is a fresh copy of ' Doctor

Syntax,' 1828, 3 vols., 18mo, 31. 15s. Welsh items include Transactions of the Liverpool Welsh National Society, 1885-1903, 21, 10s. ; and Yorke's 'Royal Tribes of Wales,' 1887, 12s. Qd. Among coloured engravings is a half-length portrait of Mile. Vanmaelder, proof impression, Ackermann, 1820, Wl. 10s. There is also a beautiful mezzotint portrait of Miss Ray, who was murdered in April, 1779, original impression, 20/.

Messrs. Simmons & Waters send from Leamington Spa two lists, Nos. 237 and 238. The former is devoted to Autograph Letters. A collection of 39 Italian letters, many of the writers being men- tioned in Walpole's letters, is II. 10s. Other writers represented in the catalogue are Mrs. Barbauld, William Beckford, the Earl of Chatham, Faraday, Max Miiller (regarding the origin of a word), Lord Rosebery (with Vanity Fair cartoon), and Cardinal Wiseman.

Catalogue 238 contains books. An extra-illus- trated copy of Walpole's ' Letters,' edited by Mrs. Toynbee, half-morocco, 16 vols., is 31/. 10s. There are catalogues of fine-art sales and a number of fine- art works. Under Tom Hood is a pretty set, including the 'Memorials,' 9 vols., half-calf, 1860, 21. 10s. A sound set of Lodge's 'Portraits,' 12 vols , royal 4to, half-morocco, 1823-34, is 8/. 8s. Under Morland is Foster's ' Life,' folio, half- vellum, 31. 15s., and under Thackeray the Biographical Edition, 13 vols., new half-calf by Riviere, 1898, 51. 5s.

[Reviews of other Catalogues held over.]

EDWARD M. BORRAJO. A correspondent points out that we have made no mention of the death of Mr. Edward M. Borrajo, a distinguished authority on librarianship, who was a contributor to our columns.

Mr. Borrajo, who was appointed two years ago Librarian to the Corporation cf London, and Curator of the Guildhall Museum, died at Mel- bourne, Australia, on Saturday, 4 September, on board the Orient liner Otway. He was travelling for health's sake. The son of his Excellency Sefior Don Jose Borrajo, a Spanish diplomatist, he was educated at University College School. His con- nexion with libraries began in 1880, when he helped to reorganize the library of the London Institution. Later he worked for the benchers of Gray's Inn, remaining in their library until 1884, when he went to the Guildhall Library.

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