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10 s. xii. OCT. 23, im] NOTES AND QUERIES.



OONTENTS.-No. 304.

NOTES : Jonathan Wild in the State Papers, 321 West- minster Taverns, 322 ' Abbey of Kilkhampton,' 323 M.P.'s for London, 1404 Burton's Philosophaster ' Gibbon's Father and Mother "Bosh," 325 "A Biscuit's Throw " " Mart" Nicknames of Persons of Fashion, 326 Maiden-Garland Thunderstones, 327.

QUERIES :" Taciturn " " Back to the land "Saint and Niche Caxton's Birthplace, 327 " Point and Indian Queen " Authors Wanted Mrs. Beecher Stowe on Byron Rev. E. D. Clarke Baron Grant Order of Cincinnatus Garibaldi's Remains Buckle's ' History of Civilization ' Regulation Swords Restoration Characters, 328 Hop- scotch George Gordon Theodore Hook Kipling's 'Ac- tions and Reactions ' Percheval Family Macaulay on Dryden Death-bed of the Virgin Hon. Ann Stratford- Picture by Brocky Paramor Family Englishman's Needs Wheatear, 329 Compositor's " Case "Exeter Marriage Licences Cernet's Tower, 330.

REPLIES : Spanish Armada, 330 'N. & Q.' Commemora- tion Carlyle and Lady Bannerman,331 Sir John Haring- ton. 332 Portrait by Linton 'D.N.B. Epitome' " Liquida non frangunt " Dickens : Shakespeare : " Woodbine," 333 Military Canal at Sandgate Gomara on the West Indies, 334 -Authors Wanted Pronuncia- tion of " Cowper," 335 Fig Trees in the City Poets and the Yew Scott's ' Lochinvar,' 336 Sir T. Frankland's Daughters Mrs. Alfred Mellon Dean Tucker Gaspar Manor, Stourton Mayors elected in Churches, 337 4 Araminta ' Deputation Defined Epworth Parsonage Ghost Arms on a Brass Col. Godfrey" Knave of Jesus Christ" 'John Brown,' 338

NOTES ON BOOKS:- 'English Literature in the Nine- teenth Century ' ' The Pageant of English Poetry ' ' The Quarterly Review.'

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ALTHOUGH Jonathan Wild was described in contemporary prints as a statesman, and not altogether in jest, during his latest days and just after his death and therefore long before Fielding cynically dealt with him from that point of view I have as yet found only one reference to him in the State Papers. This (which is in the Treasury Papers, vol. ccxlvi. f. 86), is, however, of so interesting and significant a kind, ^s indicating the price at which the most famous of thief-takers appraised his efforts compared with those of others who assisted him in the pursuit, that it deserves full quotation.

Two documents have to be examined in this regard, the one being a petition to the Commissioners of the Treasury, and the other a certificate attached thereto. The former, which is undated, is wrongly calen- dared as of 1723, " ? about 27 September." A reference in it to " the late Jonathan Wild " proves it to have been of later data, and, further, another to " his late Majesty's

Proclamation of the 21st of January, 1719," shows it to have been presented after the death of George I. in 1727. It runs as follows :

To the Rt Rouble the Lords Commissrs of His

Maties Treasury

The humble Petition of Martin Lewen Gent late head Marshall of the City of London John Dyer and Edward Herring Sheweth

That your Petrs (together with the late Jonathan Wild) were the Persons who did apprehend and take Humphery Anger for a Robbery on the high- way committed the 28th Day of August 1723 at the Parish of Hornsey in the County of Middx for which Robbery he was commited as appears by the annexed Certificate and Order tor payment of the Reward of 40/. for that Service.

Wherefore your Petrs humbly pray that your Lordships would be pleased to order that the 100 due by his late Maties Proclamation of the 21sc of January 1719 for the apprehending and convicting of a Highwayman within five Miles of the Citys of London or Westm r may be paid to the Ptrs

And your Petrs (as in duty bound) shall ever pray

This petition has the following written immediately below :

Whitehall Treary Chambers

The Right Hon ble the Lords Commrs of his Mats Treary are pleased to refer this Petition to Anthony Cracherode Esqr who is to consider the same and Report to their Lordps a true State of the Petitrs case together with his opinion what is fit to be done therein

Martin Lewen et als. Ref d to Mr. Cracherode.

What resulted from the petition there is no record ; but it may be explained that Anthony Cracherode, to whom it was referred, was His Majesty's Solicitor for the Treasury during the later years of Gsorge I. and the earlier of George II. Among other emoluments, he had an annual allowance of 2001. for perusing and observing upon pamphlets and newspapers, for those were days in which the press was very carefully watched by the Government. With the petition was forwarded to this official the following authorized copy of a certificate of 1723, which deals with Wild when still at the height of hits nefarious power : To the Sheriff of the County of Middlx.

These are to Certify that at the Sessions of Goal Delivery of Newgate held for the said County of Middx at Justice hall in the Old Baily in the Suburbs of the City of London on Wednsday the twenty Eighth Day of August last before us whose Names are hereunto set and others his Matys Justices assigned to deliver the said Goal of the Prisoners there in being, Humfry Anger was Con- victed of ffelony & Robbery on the highway vizlt For that he the 23d Day of December in the Seventh Year of his now Majtys Reign at the parish of Hornsey in the said County of Middx in the high- way aforesaid there did feloniously assault Martin