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NOTES AND QUERIES. [io s. xn. OCT. 23, 1909.

Farm, in the parish of Hadlow ; but on attempting to find the authority for this I have traced it to a gentleman who shal be called Mr. B. He says it was told to him by Mr. A. ; but Mr. A. declares that he has not made such a statement to any one, and that so far as he has any theory on the subject, it is an idea that Caustons may have been the seat of William Caxton's family. Is it possible that amongst the existing Costens, Costins, and Caustens evidence or old tradition may be found that will throw light upon the actual birthplace of the printer ? H. SNOWDEN WARD.

Hadlow, Kent.

" POINT AND INDIAN QUEEN " : " POINT AND STAB." Which of the many senses in which the word " point " is employed in heraldry and otherwise, will account for the sign of " The Royal Point and Indian Queen," and " The Royal Point and Star," in both cases appertaining to a haberdasher ? They are noted by the late Mr. F. G. Hilton Price in The Topographical Record (vol. v. p. 167) as distinguishing a house or houses in Cornhill, in 1745 and 1752.



Thronging through the cloud-rift, whose are they the faces

Faint revealed, yet sure divine, the famous ones of old?

" What," they smile, " our names, our deeds, so soon erases

Time upon his tablet, where life's glory lies un- rolled ? "

D. T.

Proud of his royal bride, the richer spoil. M. KENNEDY.

Land of hope and glory.

L. O. H.

[Words by Air. A. C. Benson, set to music by Sir E. Elgar.]

MRS. H. BEECHER STOWE ON BYRON. I should be glad to know where I could find ' The True Story of Lord Byron,' by Mrs. Beecher Stowe, a " confession," as men- tioned in ' Byron : the Last Phase,' by Richard Edgcumbe.


REV. E. DANIEL CLARKE. Can any reader give me particulars of the five sons and two daughters of the Rev. Edward Daniel Clarke, LL.D., the traveller and antiquary, who d. 9 March, 1822 ? See ' D.N.B.' RUVIGNY.

BARON GRANT. Had the late Baron Grant, who gave Leicester Square to London, any children ? I should be greatly obliged for any particulars. RUVIGNY.

12, Buckingham Street, Strand.

WASHINGTON'S ORDER OF CINCINNATUS. In Grant Duff's ' Notes from a Diary, 1889- 1891,' vol. ii. p. 153, we read :

"June 22, 1891. Layard asked me if I knew that there was an American Order. Washington, it seems, created one, and called it after Cincinnatus. It is hereditary."

Is the above correct, and where can details be found ? S.

[An account of the Society of the Cincinnati, of which Washington was the first president, will be found in B. E. Smith's valuable ' Cyclopaedia of Names,' s.v. Cincinnati. A briefer notice is in Cobham Brewer's ' Historic Note-Book.']

GARIBALDI'S REMAINS. After Garibaldi's death one Italian town asked his family for his hand, another for his head. So says Th. Trede in speaking of the " apotheosis " the patriot underwent ( ' Das Heidentum in der romischen Kirche,' Erster Teil, 1889, K. 17). Can any one give the names of these relic- loving towns ? J. M. S.

BUCKLE'S * HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION.' Could you tell me anything about a certain critique on this book ? I think it was pub- lished in The Fortnightly, or some such magazine, on the appearance of the last edition. B. M. WARD.

Abbotsholme, Rocester, Staffs.

REGULATION SWORDS. When was the so- called " ramrod-back " pattern used in the Royal Navy ? DIEGO.

RESTORATION CHARACTERS. Any par- ticulars will be most gratefully received concerning the following personages of the second decade of the Restoration :

Mistress Bevrewell, a friend of St. Evre- mond.

Mary Lee and Jane Long, actresses.

Mrs. Lucy Wise, mother of the maids to the Duchess of York (portrait wanted).

Gaurer, presumably the Court tailor.

"Madam A," a "young Scotch lady who came to Court (between the years 1670 and 1675) about that criminal affair of her brother." She appears to have been of some little importance.

Moll Kirke was in deep mourning in 1674-5. For whom ? I shall be glad of a reference or the most detailed account of this notori- ous young woman.

Please reply direct. G. GILBERT.

Wentworth House, Keymer, Sussex.