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Two large vessels one from San Sebastian, the other a ship of Flanders entered Mai Bay, co. Clare. The first stranded at Doonbeg, the second near Tromra Castle : a finely carved table recovered is still at Dromoland Castle. Boetius MacClancy, Sheriff of Clare, executed all the survivors. Their graves are at Spanish Point, near Miltown (Mai Bay).

Falco Blanco (mediano), Davillaun, near Boffin.

El Gran Grin (Don Pedro de Mendoza), Clare Island.

Unknown ship in Clew Bay : Tourglass in Currawn Peninsula is the probable spot.

Duquesa Santa Ana, one of whose guns is on an island in Kiltooris Lake, went down in Loughros More Bay, Donegal.

Unknown ship, Inver in Broadhaven. All the treasure salved by the Government officials.

Unknown in Ballycastle, or Lackan Bay ; the survivors, handed over to George Bing- ham, brother of the Governor of Con- naught, wore executed.

Labia, Streedagh Strand. Some rocks near by are called Carrig na Spagna to this day- Unknown ship lost off Killybegs, 5 Sept., 1588, and a second sank in the harbour there. North of Arranmore is another ** Carrig na Spagna " : an unknown barque sank here. This is thought to have been the Juliana. In 1596 a few Spaniards were still in the district. Guns have been recovered, and some years ago salvage operations were undertaken, without much success.


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Any further information it is in my power to give I shall be pleased to supply.


Liberal Club, Leicester.

I have often seen the old cannon at Portencross Castle, Ayrshire, regarding which the tradition is that it was recovered from the wreck of one of the ships of the Spanish Armada. This tradition is, as usual, accom- panied by the legend that some of the Spaniards who were wrecked settled at Portencross, and it is said that traces of their presence can still be seen among some of the inhabitants. The old gun is a solid fact, while no doubt some of the neighbouring folk are of dark complexion. Beyond this, however, I am not aware of any evidence, contemporary or otherwise, that any vessel of the Armada was wrecked off the Ayrshire coast.

Some years ago a paper on * The Wrecks of the Spanish Armada on the Coast of Ire- land was read before the Royal Geographical Society, by Mr. Spotswood Green, Chief Inspector of Irish Fisheries, in which the whole subject was dealt with in an exhaus- tive manner. In the discussion which fol- lowed the reading of this paper Mr. Martin Hume, Professor Laughton, and Mr. Julian Corbett too* part. T. F. D.


(10 S. xii. 167, 251). Some two years before the completion of the Ninth Series, I spoke to the lamented Joseph Knight as to the possibility of a consolidated Index at the close of the Tenth Series. He told me that the matter was not quite so simple as I thought (I had suggested a mechanical amalgamation of the ten Indexes), since the Indexes to the First and Second Series (if not the Third also) were so incomplete that the work must be done ab initio, if it was to have any real value. It is obvious that such work is rather costly, as compared with the x lexicographical amalgamation of later Indexes. Seeing that Indexes to the Sixth and later Series are available for any purchaser, I beg to suggest that the present generation of readers should not burden itself for the benefit of its successors and incidentally destroy the value of the stock of Indexes still in hand but that a sufficient memorial would be produced by re-indexing Series I III, and amalgamating with th$ result the existing Indexes to Series IV. and V. ROBT. J. WHITWELL.


CARLYLE AND LADY BANNERMAN (10 S. vii. 210). Mr. John Lane has recently published a book which, besides answering MR. BULLOCK'S query about Lady Banner- man, touches on Governor Walter Patterson