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10 & xii. OCT. so, 1909.] NOTES AND QUERIES.



CONTENTS. No. 305.

NOTES : Giles and Christopher Alleyn of Holywell, 341- Richardson and Christ's Hospital, 343 Parry and Perry Families, 344 Ben Jonson and Suckling Garrett and Gerald The Napiers and Col. Richard Hoe, 345 "Lapp'd in lead" Addison and Death Vanessa's Burial- place _ Scott's Manners " Morte " Tennyson and Terence, 346 Cost of London Monuments, 347.

QUERIES : "Tailed" in Fuller Epicurus in Art Cowper and the Rev. Mr. Van Lier, 347 Dr. Richard Patrick "Le Hole Bole" "Le Stoples " " Tine Catalogue RaisonneV' Charles, Duke of Orleans Authors Wanted, 348 Sussex Ironworks Apssen Counter Slavery and the Popes Carlyle on Fanny Elssler Rev. M. Feilde Sir F. Blake Delaval Petre Epigram Combe and Pretty Families Houston and Gordon Families, 349 Capt. W. Vaughan, 1631 Prince Gutiken Swinburne on Irish Nationalists " Parsons " not in Holy Orders, 350.

REPLIES : " Tackle-house " : " Tackle-porter," 350 " Hoth" = Heath, 351 Weltje's Club "Four regular orders of monks," 352 The Bonassus Strawberry Hill Catalogue Miss Crawford, Canadian Poet Etymology of " Roan," 353 Rev. Brooke Heckstall Hereditary Herb-strewer Robert Crozier, 354 Arrowsmith, Devon- shire Artist Westminster Wills Authors Wanted, 355 Lord Mayor's Show Spanish Walk Exchange, 356 General Wolfe's Death' Short Whist 'Parliament Hill St. Margaret's, Westminster, 357 Oregon " Noli altum sapere "Lorraine or Touraine Monuments to American Indians Newspapers in 1680, 358.

NOTES ON BOOKS : The Oxf ord Dictionary ' Memorials of Old Middlesex.'

Notices to Correspondents.


THE name of Giles Alleyn has acquired a fictitious interest because he let on 13 April, 1576, to James Burbage, the ground on which to build his " Theatre," and because he resented so bitterly Cuth- bert Burbage' s action in carrying it away. Seeing that he affected " The Theatre " so much, I worked out some points in his biography, that I might better understand the man with whom Burbage had to deal. Other students of the period may also find some interest in the details.

The Visitations of Essex in 1612 and 1634 disagree somewhat concerning his family, and neither seems to be quite correct. Richard Alleyn of Thakstead, Essex, had a wife Agnes and three sons John, a second unmarried and Christopher. John became a knight and Lord Mayor of London in the reign of Henry VIII. and married Mar- garet, daughter and coheir of Giles Leigh of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey ; Christopher Alleyn married her sister and coheir Agnes.

The Visitation says that Christopher's sons were Giles, Anthony, and Raffe ; but it is evident from a case given below that this is an error. Agnes Leigh evidently brought to her husband Leigh Court in Kent and other lands. Christopher seems to have been " something in the City," for he was fined for not holding the office of alderman. His chief purchase was the manor of Holy- well, its capital mansion, edifices, and lands. (See Exchequer Bills and Answers, Elizabeth, No. 369.) Henry VIII. had been seised of the disused monastery of Holywell, and granted it to Henry Webbe, Esq., gentleman, Porter of the King's Majesty's Tower of London, for the sum of 136?., on 23 Sept., 36 Henry VIII.

This Henry Webbe, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized between Sir George (then Mr.) Peckham, son of Sir Edmund Peckham, and Susan Webbe, promised that he would appoint trustees to hold the manor for the benefit of Henry Webbe himself while he lived, and on his death it should pass to the said George and Susan and their heirs, by a certain deed dated the last of February, 6 Edward VI. Thomas Mynd and Francis Darell, gentle- men, were the trustees appointed.

When the property came to George and Susan Peckham, they passed it, by a deed dated 6 Aug., 2 and 3 Philip and Mary, to Christopher Bumpstead, citizen and mercer of London, for 533?. 6s. Sd. ; but on the 1st of November of the same year he, by deed indented and enrolled in the Court of Chancery, sold it for the consideration of 600?., to Christopher Allen and Giles Allen, and they were seised of it as by fee. On the death of his father early in Elizabeth's reign, Giles, the surviving purchaser, entered into the full estate. In the Subsidy Roll 142/193 for Middlesex, 12 Jan., 5 Eliz. (1563), I find entered : " Shorediche. Land. Giles Allen, gen., 67?. ; assessed 8?. 16*. 8cZ." He was by far the largest landowner in the neighbourhood. The general opinion, there- fore (based upon the way that the name of his wife was used in the Theatre litigation), that the property had come to Giles Alleyn through his wife, is proved to be incorrect. The use of her name in every document and lawsuit must only have become necessary under terms of some settlement when he married Sara, daughter of John Skory, Bishop of Hereford. This was some time after his succession, as his eldest son Samuel was born in 1566. Giles Alleyn was of a litigious disposition. His first suit began shortly after the death of his father.